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The Hives - Black And White Album

2007-12-14 14:25
No, this isn’t just an exercise in BEE lip service, seems like The Hives are actually willing to embrace transformation. With Pharrell Williams, Jacknife Lee and Dennis Herring twiddling the knobs the lily-white Swedes shelve their signature garage spit-and-polish and dirrrty it up with gloriously happy forays into pop ballads and holy cow, is that disco R&B? Ha! Ha! Ha! Huh?

No, don’t laugh. "Try It Again" and Pharrell party trick "T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S." roll out the glitter balls to shake some serious indie-disco ass. Later "Well All Right!" (Pharrell again) is a frothy 50s rock ‘n roll reprise replete with "woo-hoo" chorus-lines and hand-clapping hi-fives. And let’s not forget about "Giddy Up" which is nothing short of a new rave, sample-soaked keyboard orgy. Cheesy? 100%. But also fresh, furious and far more fun than spending a night on the town with most other indie-disco upstarts. Essential escapist listening for the summer holidays.

- Miles Keylock

After seven years spent worshipping at the altar of the garage rock revival The Hives finally realise that their piss-taking indie punk pop pastiche is a little past its sell by date. Their solution: inject some substance back into the spiffy-suited mix by inviting a mean selection of big-cheese 'urban' producers onboard.

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