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The Twang - Love It When I Feel Like This

2007-08-17 15:10
This is music you can sing along to when trashed. This encourages your fans to drink too much - or automatically attracts the kind of idiots who do - so it’s a dangerous play for a good band to make. But The Twang actually have lines like “Oh! oh oh” in their cocaine-regret classic with Edge-flavoured guitars on “Wide Awake”, and enough balls to sound like Oasis doing their soccer-song thing on the opener “Ice Cream Sundae”. And it just… works.

Sure, they’re just Northern rock bread and butter pudding on the surface. But the muscular exuberance of their songs offers something different: sincerity. “The Neighbour” is a comedy classic about beating up the annoying guy next door. But it’s also an honest story of human stupidity and fallability, like something The Streets did before chronic self-importance set in.

The music helps to carry the story without being either overly clever or doing the obvious, but there’s plenty to excite you (the guitar closer on “Either Way” for instance.) It’s clear these guys are excellent musicians, but it’s like they don’t dare whether or not you actually notice. This is music about sad stuff and lousy life choices that’ll leave you smiling from ear to ear.

- Jean Barker

Their music inspires riots and rowdy behaviour. They hit the big time as the new “it” band on the fickle UK music scene. They’re got the rockingest name ever. And best of all, they don’t sound like yet another Kaiser Chiefs clone!

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