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This Delicate Thing We’ve Made - Darren Hayes

2007-11-01 17:03
He had it all. Now what? Well he produces and funds his own twenty five track double disc. Yes, TWENTY FIVE.

Luckily there are plenty of sparks among the stubble. The opening track “A Fear of Falling Under” is a powerful pop odyssey that recalls “Covered in Darkness”. “Who Would Have Thought” has that insistent forward rhythm that’s Hayes’ compositional trademark. And it's all produced to within an inch of its gorgeously spandex-clad life. It’s worth hearing just for that – the effects, samples and vocal layers are like icicles bashing together perfectly in tune and time.
The result is like the musical love child of an orgy involving Bono, 80s Kylie Minogue, Suzanne Vega in her “Luka” phase and the members of the band Yes. Daring, and in bad taste. Touching, but extremely drawn out, and the perfect soundtrack for a striptease.

What about the hits? Well, the most radio friendly track is probably the freakily upbeat “Neverland”, a narrative that begins with a boy watching his mother being beaten up. Tap your toe to that one, pop fans!

- Jean Barker

Darren Hayes has never been what he seemed. His old band name Savage Garden sounded like heavy metal, but actually spewed out vile Europop. He was a teen heartthrob who broke thousands of girlie-fan hearts when he married a boy. Then after a limp solo album he made the dark and dreamy synth-pop CD, The Tension and the Spark.


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