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Various: Lost In Translation OST - An off centre soundtrack

2006-03-29 18:40
Enter the most overrated indie auditory alchemist to never make it big, My Bloody Valentine's Mr. Kevin Shields who lays down large swabs of intoxicating, dreamy shoe-gazing alternative guitar pop to create an impressionist sonic wallpaper that's at once stylish, emotive and tailor made for the cinematic experience. His self-penned "City" is a woozy, lovely ballad that blends signature MBV vocal murmurs with an impenetrable architecture of ringing guitars. In contrast, his three other teasingly brief contributions are shimmering, ambient instrumentals that perfectly compliment micro-moods from Squarepusher ("Tommib"), Death in Vegas ("Girls"), and the breezy "Alone In Kyoto" from Air, whose drummer, Brian Reitzell actually "executive produced" (okay, compiled) the soundtrack.

As for the rest, well the decision to include old school fuzz-guitar favourites The Jesus and Mary Chain ("Just Like Honey") alongside My Bloody Valentine's reverberating alt.pop sigh ("Sometimes") does supply a surprisingly nostalgic lost frequency. While Happy End add the requisite lounge-y Japanese folk pop goofiness ("Kaze Wo Atsumete") and Bill Murray's hidden karaoke rendition of Roxy Music's "More Than This" proves to be an on the money cult classic in the making. So, yes, all in all, Lost in Translation is pretty much the perfect aural supplement for anyone who's fallen for Coppola's most unlikely, but most successful romantic character study yet.
With Lost In Translation Sofia Coppola proves herself more than just a talented director able to craft enticing dream-like celluloid explorations of human nature. She's also got a brilliant ear for creating intoxicating aural landscapes that perfectly mirror the hazy consciousness of her cast of characters. Of course, like any good conductor, there's simply no way she can possibly do it on her own.

CodeCrusader 2004-06-28 10:59 AM
Crap Boring, just like the movie !!!!
Tina 2004-11-08 03:10 PM
Boring? The movie was not boring, at all. Great music too. But perhaps Arnie and Kylie combos are more your bag.

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