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I was assaulted at the RHCP show

2013-02-04 16:22
anthony kiedis,red hot chili peppers
UPDATE: Big Concerts has confirmed that they are looking into this terrible incident and that they're dealing with this user personally to resolve this issue.

To whom it may concern,
My girlfriend and I attended the RHCP concert on Saturday evening and I am sad to say that it was not a pleasant night at all!
Apart from the minor issues of poor sound quality, dagga being smoked in public areas within the stadium, people smoking cigarettes in the crowd (right in front of ushers and security officials), beer being thrown over other people in the crowd and a stadium full of drunks, I was physically assaulted (punched 3 times in the head) that evening and absolutely nothing was done about it!
I asked the person sitting next to me to stop talking and conversing during the concert as I could hear more of their voice than the actual music being played. They were under the influence and drinking beer and tequila from small containers they had possibly smuggled in.

After words, "person 1" had a very cocky attitude and appeared "brave" that he had alcohol in him and hinted that if I want to fight, then we can fight. Fighting was not my intentions as I do not fight and had my girlfriend with me. After much mockery and aggravation by one "person 1's" friend, I leant over to "person 1" and asked him must his friend be so stupid to carry on with me? He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. During that time I heard "person 1" mention to his friend something along the lines of "we'll just throw him over." His friend then asked me what I said to which I ignored him. Then I felt 3 blows to the head. My girlfriend tried to pull me away to protect me. I asked him what his problem is and said I'm calling the police.
I reported the issue to a security official at the entrance who indicated a policeman. I then asked the police man to come and arrest the person who assaulted me. He then asked me if I knew the person who hit me and I said "not personally however he was sitting next to me." He then told me he has to get another officer to accompany him to the accused. Once we had entered the seating area, I pointed out the assaulter and they simply stood and said they cannot go into the crowd.
I then saw the crowd of friends get up and walk to the opposite entrance/exit. I then chased them and caught them and showed the police who assaulted me. They tried to separate us thinking a fight would break and simply guided the assaulter towards the ramp. I told them I want him arrested and want to lay a charge of assault! The police simply ignored this and allowed the crowd to walk down the ramp.
I followed the crowd with my girlfriend and asked a female security person to call for someone to arrest the individual, she tried to radio someone. I then asked two more security officials to call for someone to stop this person before they left the premises. They called a rather large gentleman who then radioed for assistance.
Eventually a tall security officer arrived at the bottom of the ramp and i told him what had happened and that I wanted the individual arrested and want to lay a charge.

The assaulter's friend then interfered and asked "do you want this to be worse than it already is? Must I fuck you up right here? You asked me to keep quiet at a rock concert..." I said "yes, because you wouldn't stop talking and obviously weren't interested in the show but who gives your friend the right to assault me."
By then the other 3 friends were making their way out. I asked the official why he wasn't doing anything about it. He hesitated and literally watched them walk out the main gate and said to me "he cannot arrest the assaulter as it's my word against his and it won't stand in court."
At the time of reporting it to the initial police officer, there were at least 3 witnesses present, 4 if you include my girlfriend.
I find this lack of security typical of the attitude in this country adopted by most where, no one gives a damn! Big Concerts is supposed to provide a safe environment to host their events. Please note that we were sitting in the front row of level 5 and should a fight have broken out, someone may have been thrown off the edge.

None of your police members/security officials had name badges on them. I have been to Linkin Park and Lady Gaga and never have I had such an awful time as this. I have tickets to Bon Jovi and Metallica and right now I feel like cancelling them as this incident has seriously put me off entering that stadium, so much that if I hear music from RHCP, I immediately remember the trauma and change the song.
Also, my girlfriend and I do not drink or smoke therefore having beer thrown/spilled on us and drifting cigarette smoke is totally inconsiderate. As much as I know BC cannot control what happens within a crowd in terms of beer being thrown about, they can instruct security officials to reprimand illegal smokers and also take the proper measurements when one has been assaulted. This is not the first instance where we have had beer spilled on us.
Really, I am not happy with my Big Concert experience and would like to know what BC intends of doing about this regard.
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