Adam Lambert to perform in SA

2012-09-13 08:00
Cape Town - Adam Lambert is coming to South Africa.

Big Concerts announced via their Facebook page on Thursday that the American Idol alum will be making his first appearance in South Africa in November and is set two play shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

On the eighth season of the hit American reality show, Adam lost out on the title to Kris Allen, but has gone on to produce chart-topping hits all around the world.

Adam Lambert's hits include For Your Entertainment, Whataya Want from Me and If I Had You.

The tour, presented by 94.7 Highveld Stereo, 94.5 KFM and M-Net, is presenting shows at the Grand Arena, GrandWest on Tuesday 13 November and at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg on Friday 16 November.

Tickets will be on sale through Computicket from 09:00 on Friday 14 September.

Cape Town – presented by 94.5KFM and M-Net
13 November
Grand Arena, GrandWest
Tickets from R340 – R490

Johannesburg – presented by 94.7 Highveld Stereo and M-Net
16 November
Coca-Cola Dome
Tickets from R315 – R515

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  • yolanda.vanzylwessels - 2012-09-13 07:56

    Ek's uit my vel uit wie gaan saam??!!!!

  • minette.mare - 2012-09-13 07:59

    Would have been great to go, Unfortunately I've spent all my money on RHCP and LP tickets. Why squash all these artists into one month: LP, Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. Hope the attendance isn't poor because everyone is broke after buying all the other tickets...

  • charmaine.louw.104 - 2012-09-13 08:22

    I think I could burst with excitement - have been a fan of his ever since AI I will eat bread for the rest of the month but I am SO GOING!!!!!

  • dominique.vanwyk.5 - 2012-09-13 08:35

    Yippee!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait, now just to convince my husband....Dunno how Im gonna do that

  • darkangelBDF - 2012-09-13 08:41

    Well done on turning me into the world's worst parent. Due to Linkin Park performing the week before in JHB and the fact that we have to drive / fly up from JHB, I won't be able to take my 10-year old Adam Lambert fanatic. :( This sucks.

  • gracemoremi - 2012-09-13 08:44


  • claire.ranwell - 2012-09-13 08:47

    wooooohooooooooooooooo :) finally!!!!

  • ilan.arbel - 2012-09-13 08:58


  • estelle.swart.31 - 2012-09-13 09:03

    Absolutely Fantastic. Liked him from when he started Americal Idols. Such a pity he did not win.

  • estelle.swart.31 - 2012-09-13 09:05

    Absolutely fantastic. Such a pity he did not win Americal Idol. He deserved winning. Would love to see him.

  • lielie.smit - 2012-09-13 09:16

    I would LOVE to go!!!! Huge massive fan! Alot of highlights in November and Desember, how the hell am I gonna save up for Christmas!

  • Genesistt - 2012-09-13 09:22

    My poor credit card! But I gotta go! I'm going to be concerted out after doing LP, Adam and Lady Gaga.

  • russellblack.cowan - 2012-09-13 09:23

    Can't they bring somebody decent like Rick Ross,Meek Mill,Jay-Z,Kanye West or Lil Wayne instead of brining all these stupid commercial pop "stars".

      russellblack.cowan - 2012-09-13 10:47

      All you people that gave me thumbs down are ignorant as hell about rap music and you ain't know notin about it. Rapping is about expressing yourself and this, is just rubbish Grow up.

      charmaine.louw.104 - 2012-09-13 15:15

      To all you haters... WTF? Someone who's music I really enjoy is coming to South Africa and that makes me happy - just be happy for me and stop hating, so you don't like that is fine, don't go but you don't have to put such horrible remarks on here, if Kanye West comes I would never lash out I would be happy for you 'cos it is something you like but would never call the music you like stupid.

      chaze.damonze - 2012-09-14 02:01

      Rap music made of poo...

      lynnmoore1234 - 2012-09-14 21:30

      So you can f*@k Kanyes piece??? She does anything. Maybe you get lucki you half prick

  • michelle.m.kassel - 2012-09-13 09:26

    Whoooooo hooooooooo! About time. I'm absolutely elated! I'm not missing this concert - come hell or high water! Will definitely give up everything else for a ticket to this concert!!!!

  • bmaestro - 2012-09-13 11:29

    i love this guy's music

  • bmaestro - 2012-09-13 11:31

    amazingly talented i must say

  • hamish.drake1 - 2012-09-13 14:57

    Adam Lambert performing in SA? You have absolutely no idea how under-whelmed I aam at this news

      Paperrosie - 2012-09-13 15:21

      Then nobody has to worry about seeing you there!

      hamish.drake1 - 2012-09-13 15:23

      Not even in a 100km radius mate.

  • Owen Samuel - 2012-09-22 21:20

    i love it (better than i know my self)

  • kbanzon - 2012-10-16 14:24

    Got my tickets. I am flying from Durbs. After driving two hours from the south coast. Lots of effort but it will be worth it. I am missing Gaga and LP because of this. He's an awesome entertainer and I bet he'll put on a great live show.

  • joan.jerram.1 - 2012-11-12 08:32

    My beautiful daughter bought tickets for me to see him in Cape Town. One more sleep - can't wait to see this amazingly talented fabulous guy!!

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