Muso's mom hitched at Up The Creek

2012-02-06 07:41
Inge van Eetveldt
Swellendam – Rock music festival Up the Creek became a wedding reception on Saturday when Blues Broers band member Rob Nagel married his long-time partner Maggie Frost.

Maggie Frost is the mother of blues musician and fellow Blues Broer Albert Frost.

At midday on Saturday an Up the Creek organiser announced that festivalgoers would soon witness the marriage of the couple who have been together for 12 years.

Maggie Frost crossed the Breede River in a small boat passing by hundreds of silent festivalgoers who where floating in all manner of colourful inflatable devices around her. A band played the wedding march as she crossed the river to join Rob who was waiting for her on the river bank.

The bride wore a plain, white cotton dress with her hair in a long braid.

The ceremony was officiated by fellow musician Piet Botha who made a short speech before pronouncing them husband and wife in front of a cheering crowd.

The line-up at Up the Creek included international act KONGOS, Taxi Violence, Karen Zoid, Machineri, Blues Broers, Holiday Murray, Piet Botha and Wrestlerish amongst others.

(Photo: Elmarie Lategan)



  • Adelbert - 2012-02-06 09:32

    How awesome. I do however feel that Maggie deserves more than muso's mother in description. She was the brain and driving force behind teh Martell Blues fests in the 90's which led to amongst other Up the Creek. Maggie is a legend in the local music industry for her work and effort!!

      nickdfrost - 2012-02-06 09:55

      Agreed! Maggie is a legend! Congrats on the wedding!

  • loudine - 2012-02-06 09:33

    Awww, congrats to the happy couple! It's been a long time coming too! Wishing you both many, many more festivals and health, happiness and good music for all your days. <3

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