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We chat to The Graeme Watkins Project about making a comeback and future plans

2016-08-26 06:00

Cape Town – Jozi-based band The Graeme Watkins Project released some brand new material in June this year.

It is their first new song in a few years, titled Love In Abundance, and it was accompanied by a new music video.

We chat to them about their new music and the future:

So, you guys have recently released a brand new single after a long break; tell us, what have you guys been up to?

We’ve been up to life hey! We did the growing up, getting married and having kids thing, and also focused on other aspects of music that kept us busy. We continued to write music, but have tried a new approach by removing the pressure. 

Your new single, Love in Abundance, what is it about and what inspired the song?

It’s about just being young hey. It’s about being carefree and not having to subscribe to any form of pressure that comes with having to adult.

How long did you guys work on the song and what has been the response?

It was a pretty instant go with us when we were working on it. We all felt the vibe and jumped head first into production. It went overseas for mixing and mastering which I think was the longest process, as we are all overprotective of it, and sent it back a bunch of times before we were happy.

Were you nervous about putting new material out there after such a long time?

We were more excited I think. We wanted to launch everything at the same time, so we were sitting on this song, and all we wanted to do was release, but our team kept us quiet until the video and campaign was ready.

We love the video for the song, what was the most challenging thing about making the video?

Hahahahaha being dirty. That powder was intense and stayed with us for weeks after.

Have you been planning the comeback for a long time, or did it just sort of happen naturally?

We are trying to do everything organically this time around. No pressure, and writing stuff that resonates with us. So we decided we would release when the song was right and time felt right. We are a lot more chilled about everything now, and putting a lot more faith in our music.

Does this mean we can expect a new album in the near future?

We are taking it single by single for now. The industry evolves at such a rapid pace, that a lot of music gets lost when you go live with an album. This time around, we release as its ready, no pressure, when the time is right it will happen. This way we can evolve with the industry and all the new influences that hit us every month, week, day and hour. It keeps us on our toes.

What’s next for you guys?

New music is on its way. We are touring in September and October, and again in December. Very keen!

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