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Idols 6: Group Week

2010-08-16 07:59
Idols' Duets

Randall has been very adamant that talent, and talent alone will see you through to the voting stages. If this is true, how coincidental then that all our group week contestants together look like your typical Intec College ad - one of everyone?

I’m all for diversity. Idols could definitely do with some. But this superficial approach is rather obvious. It’s a massive orchestration that pulls together an appropriate, likeable cast of everyman characters and feeds them to us week by week until we’re literally sick of it.

Adeline is our fair heroine who, despite looking rather ridiculous in that red lipstick and performing below par, made it to Duet Night. Bongi is our outlandish, OTT theatrical performer who would fit right in at an audition for Fame. And then there’s Elvis Blue, the deep, soulful traveller who charms the ladies with his crooning. Sindi is the token fixer-upper; she started out at the auditions in a terrible blonde wig, and now she's a bombshell superstar. Don’t forget Lloyd Cele, the sweet guy who’s just trying to make a better life for his son. Just by that you know he’s not going to last long; good guys never win on TV. Makes for a good sitcom, doesn’t it?

It’s the formula for all reality TV: How can we get good entertainment out of unpaid non-actors? Set the scene, put them up against each other and the claws come out. The results are always expected, with the occasional 'unexpected' drama, like paramedics being called for Charné's migraine attack.

Liezel is also still just as you would expect - irritating. ProVerb is so much better than our blonde giraffe. It was all going swimmingly with our new host until he proclaimed “This is… South African Idol!” Uh, no it’s not. And dude, you’re not Ryan Seacrest! Who would want to emulate him anyway? I thought the show was called Idols, but we’ve already copied every other aspect of the American version, why not change the name too?

It’s difficult to pick out the duds in group week. When they all sing together, the crappy ones hide behind the good ones. I initially thought young Berenike was on her way out because she started crying at the first thud of a migraine, but her duet with Lloyd was impressive. Celine Dion and R Kelly’s I’m Your Angel put many couples through their paces, but they nailed it.

My new favourite is Freddie Moss, the down-on-his-luck skinny jeans indie rocker who got R100 from Mara for lunch and came back with a roar. He shined in his group and his duet, but maybe that’s because his partner Jamie-Lee Sexton didn’t do half as well. Either way, he overtakes the previous favourite Elvis Blue as the most colourful (it’s the green jacket) contestant of the season.

On Tuesday night Randall will do the happy dance with a few more contestants’ dreams beneath his designer loafers, and the group will be watered down once again. Have you picked out a favourite yet? 

From the token blonde poppie to the next singer songwriter a la Jason Hartman, all the stereotypes are present and reporting for duty, sir!

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