10 absolutely fangtastic True Blood words

2013-08-16 07:47
Los Angeles - Sink your teeth into this handy guide with some of the best True Blood words and their fangtastic meanings:


To be abjured means to be banished from a wolf pack. The packmaster is the leader of the wolf pack while a lone wolf refers to both "a wolf that is not part of a pack" and "a person who avoids the company of others; a loner."

Baby Vamp

A baby vamp is a newly-turned vampire, perhaps in the last three years or so (some vampires are hundreds and even thousands of years old). Baby vamp is also 1920s slang for "a popular girl," where vamp means "a woman who uses her sex appeal to entrap and exploit men."


A drainer is one who attacks vampires and drains their blood supply for the purpose of selling the vampires’ blood as V, a highly addictive drug that "may cause psychotic or murderous rampages by human users upon the first use."


Fangbangers are "vampire groupies—those who enjoy having sex with vampires and being bitten."

Fang Boner

A fang boner is the way a vampire shows he or she is sexually aroused – with "erect" fangs.


Glamouring is a type of hypnosis that vampires can perform on non-vampires. An archaic definition of the word glamour is "enchantment; a supposed influence of a charm on the eye, causing it to see objects under an unreal semblance; hence, anything that obscures or deceives vision, physical or mental; fascination; charm; witchery."


To skinwalk means to change into another human, which differs from shapeshifting, which means changing from human into animal form. Symptoms after an episode of skinwalking "include running a high fever and vomiting blood," and possibly death.


Supe is short for supernatural, "that which is above or beyond the established course or laws of nature; something transcending nature."


A maker is a vampire that has turned a human into a vampire, and plays on maker as a synonym for God. The new vampire is the maker's progeny. Makers have full control over their progeny until the progeny are formally released.

Coming out of the coffin

A bit tongue-in-cheek, perhaps, but the phrase "coming out of the coffin" is what the vampire community has been using when a vampire wants to make it known that they are vampires. However the term is also used to describe the experience of a person, both male or female, who professes his or her undying love and admiration for all things vampire.
(Source: Wordnik)

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