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2016-05-22 16:09

A minute-by-minute update of the live broadcast of The Voice SA finale in Johannesburg.


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22 May 19:00

Richard is on the floor! Congrats dude!

22 May 18:57

The Voice SA winner is:

Richard Stirton

22 May 18:55

Vusi and Riana performing now.

22 May 18:50

Due to technical difficulties tonight’s votes don’t count. They will revert back to the votes cast during the week as per the T’s & C’s on The Voice SA’s website.

22 May 18:46

The Voice SA top 2 are:

Gavin Edwards

Richard Stirton

22 May 18:44

Zoe and Thembeka will also get signed with Universal records!

22 May 18:41

22 May 18:40

A look back: The Voice SA made international headlines!

22 May 18:37

22 May 18:36

Hey, Stilfontein.

22 May 18:35

22 May 18:35

What can the judges really say now? I mean it's done now.

22 May 18:33

But those jeans? Nee, Gav.

22 May 18:32

Gavin is back on stage. He wants to lay us down on a bed of roses. OKAY!

22 May 18:31

Two more performances then the results.

22 May 18:28

Waiting for them to count the votes like...

22 May 18:26

22 May 18:25

Team Karen getting ready.

22 May 18:24

That's how far we'll go to give you the best LIVE coverage. #JustSaying

22 May 18:22

We sneaked up on Kahn to get a shot of his shoes.#StalkerVibes

22 May 18:21
Karen is up after the break. We're amped. Love watching her perform. Did you see her new song? She wrote it for Huisgenoot's 100th birthday:

22 May 18:18

Richard's got us like...

22 May 18:16

We're out here like...

22 May 18:14

Jeremy is back on stage. Performing again. With his cap.

22 May 18:12

22 May 18:11

"We were just having fun"

22 May 18:09

Ready, steady...

22 May 18:08

This was one of our fav moments on the show! Remember Lana Crowster's faint?!

22 May 18:07

Kahn and his team is up next.

22 May 18:04

We're waiting for The Voice SA winner to be announced like...

22 May 18:02

Bobby stole our heart right from the start.

22 May 18:00

Voting is closed!

22 May 17:59

Another pic of Gavin on stage. What did you think of his performance?

22 May 17:57

Mooi Gav. x

22 May 17:56

Gav up next. A poll on our site earlier this week showed you would vote for him to win.

22 May 17:52

22 May 17:51

22 May 17:50

Richard on stage now!

22 May 17:49

REMEMBER: You CANNOT vote via SMS or #TheVoiceSA App tonight. Only web + mobisite and on WeChat

22 May 17:47

Bobby saying hello to the crowd!

22 May 17:44

Have never had such sexy thoughts about Stilfontein until now. (Sorry mom)

22 May 17:44

Karen wants to do a song with Stilfontein. We say: YES!

22 May 17:43

Karen making us cry.

22 May 17:42

Making Stilfontein sexy

22 May 17:41

Voting deets:

22 May 17:40

Stilfontein on stage next.

22 May 17:34

Jeremy on stage now.

22 May 17:33

The top 4 can create a boy band or something.

22 May 17:32

22 May 17:31

Bummed now. Our favs didn't make it. :(

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