Here are 7 funny things that prove that the internet is absolutely obsessed with Game of Thrones!

Outspoken radio DJ Gareth Cliff has said that radio is dead and he is ready to host the funeral!

Survivor SA: Moyra and Vel tell it like it is

Vel and Moyra are the latest members of the jury. (M-Net)

In a tribal council twist two castaways were voted off the island on Survivor SA Champions.   Read More »


Survivor SA heats up as double Tribal Council hits Vel and Moyra

2014-04-14 11:01

Tribal council has produced plenty of surprises in the latest season of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Champions, but this week the turbulence-meter hit an all-time high with shock after shock. Read More »

Big Brother millionaire's girl dilemma

2014-04-13 15:31

Mandla Hlatshwayo’s dilemma is not how he will spend his R1m after winning Big Brother Mzansi - it’s which girl he’ll choose. Read More »


Survivor SA: How to lose friends and influence people

2014-04-12 11:00

The sneaky castaways in M-Net's Survivor South Africa: Champions have tasted the thrill of executing well-plotted blindsides - and now they're unstoppable. Read More »


Survivor SA: Playing Idol to save Shane backfires for Marian

2014-03-31 08:54

Mischievous master-manipulator Marian de Vos and her partner-in-crime Shane Hattingh ran the show for 10 episodes, but their sneaky moves misfired this week and sent Marian packing.  Read More »

The Survivor numbers game gets real

2014-03-30 14:04

Just about every contestant has said "Survivor is a numbers game" and on Sunday, one contestant will make a crucial miscalculation. Read More »


Corné Krige plays it cool about Survivor SA

2014-03-24 12:22

We spoke to team captain and viewer favourite Corné Krige about his captaincy, the salvation games and who he'll be voting for.  Read More »

Survivor SA's sexy Stephen talks strategy to us

2014-03-17 14:27

After being the ninth person to leave the island, business analyst Stephen Walker chats to us about his strategy, his alliance and whether he thinks Marion and Shane will be the ultimate survivors.  Read More »


Stephen axed by sneaky team mates on Survivor SA

2014-03-17 07:27

Three ‘surprise’ votes at the show’s dreaded tribal council turned business analyst Stephen Walker into the ninth castaway to be voted off the island. Read More »

A pool party and a braai on Survivor SA this week

2014-03-14 14:16

The two tribes in M-Net's Survivor South Africa: Champions are starving - and this week's reward challenge will definitely solve that problem for one of them! Read More »


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