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Azania was banned from Uhuru’s wedding plans, and Lulama felt trapped by her debts.

2 – 4 AUGUST
Lebo worries when Lulama rushes out to a “secret” meeting. Chris considers forgiving his mom Irene when her health takes a dip, and Ace tries to silence his past that keeps popping up. Lulama goes in search of a blesser to fix her cash crisis, and Azania’s new friend Brandon opens up to her hubby Chris about who he really is. Else-where, Thandi is frustrated that she can’t find evidence that will put Ace back in jail.
7 – 11 AUGUST
Mam Gerty hits the roof when Ace forces his way back into her home, and Lulama crawls back to Lebo to try win him back when her blesser search is a flop. Brandon lends a hand at the wedding company with his IT skills, and Mam Gerty feels trapped when Ace refuses to sign the divorce papers and make their separation official. Later, Lulama regrets landing in bed with needy Lebo, and Azania helps Brandon get back on his feet.

14 – 15 AUGUST
Ace drives a rift between Azania and Mam Gerty’s already broken mother-daughter relationship, and Thandi and Uhuru are excited about buying the family wedding company from Mam Gerty.

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