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SOAPIE PREVIEW: Getroud met Rugby

2016-03-30 09:40

Soapie: Getroud met Rugby

Airing: Weekdays 18:30

Channel: kykNET

Koekie and Festus asked Maryke to help with their marital issues, and Jade and Denver had to cope with an unexpected guest. 

28 – 30 SEPTEMBER 
Gideon approaches Nina yet again to work for him, while Reitz is convinced that he made the right decision. Schalk doesn’t want to change his mind about Sasha, and Fafa realises that he let go of something special. Denver and Jade get shocking news, Lorette tells Chrissie her secret, and Nina tries to comfort a furious Reitz. Louise tells Denver and Jade about her life, and Ike brings a guest to work. 

Blitz is in unknown territory with Lorette, while Jade finds out more about Louise and Denver’s relationship. Fafa completes his assignment from
Maryke, Nina gives notice at work, and Iva tries to convince Schalk to forgive Sasha. Ike asks Fafa about his relationship with Maryke, and Denver and Jade don’t agree about Louise. Maryke goes to Nina for help with Reitz, and Iva is forced to look after TJ. Chrissie convinces Reitz to meet Sasha, Maryke unexpectedly gets the opportunity to have a makeover by style guru Hannon, and Blitz and Lorette set them-selves a personal challenge. 

10 – 11 OCTOBER 
Koekie is still trying to find something to keep her busy, and Denver and Jade’s relationship reaches a new low. Renate continues her jour-ney to self-discovery, while Chrissie asks Sasha to help with the matric farewell.

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