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2017-04-11 10:55


Airing: Mon - Thurs 20:00

Channel: Mzansi Magic

Claudia opened up to her ex-boy-friend Kero about her miserable marriage to his gangster best friend Banzi. Ma Dolly demanded a meeting with her granddaughter Nothando’s boyfriend Nimrod to discus the couple’s future together, and Simi turned to her pal Zamani for comfort after an argument with Gogo Ngema.

2 – 3 AUGUST
An upset Simi wishes that she could go back in time and fix her mom’s relationship with Gogo Ngema, and Claudia sets her revenge plan in motion, hoping to destroy her husband before Banzi can take everything from her that she’s worked for. Gogo Ngema tries to mend her bond with her granddaughter Simi, and Palesa is worried about her broken family life and she feels like she’s losing hope. Karlujah later is stunned when his boss Banzi asks him to spy on Claudia.

7 – 10 AUGUST
Gogo Ngema is concerned by Simi’s jumpiness and warns her to stay away from dodgy Banzi. Ali goes digging for info about Kero and Banzi’s past, and Banzi has a change of heart and wants to end his war with his wife Claudia and try repair their broken marriage. Annoyed by recent events, Simi stands up to Sne, and Zamani rushes to help Simi when she has a breakdown. 

14 – 15 AUGUST
Claudia loses her cool when Banzi turns on her again and threatens to kick her to the curb, while Nothando is furious when Ma Dolly raises concerns about her love life again. Elsewhere, Banzi reaches out to comfort Simi in her time of need.

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