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SOAPIE PREVIEW: Maid in Manhattan

2016-11-08 11:57


Airing: Weekdays 16:20

Channel: Telemundo

Catalina found out that Marisa has a young son and she later recorded a conversation between her and Christóbal.

Marisa’s son Lalo begs her to give his dad Victor a chance to build a new life in the US, and Sara tries to take advantage of a drunk Christóbal but she later apologises for trying to sleep with him. Christóbal accepts Sara’s apology and questions if Sara is the right girl for him, not Marisa.

12 – 16 DECEMBER
Victor gets a second chance from Marisa and gets a job at the same hotel she works at. Elsewhere, there’s a mad rush to find Calixta’s lost suitcase and Carmen wants to be the one to find and open it. Marisa is shocked when she witnesses Hugo attack Belinda and she reports him to the cops, hoping that he’ll be arrested. Yaya and Sara exchange information about Christóbal and Marisa’s relationship, and when Sara learns that Christóbal is with Marisa, she takes out her anger on Tania.

19 – 20 DECEMBER
Unknown to Marisa, Catalina tries to force herself on Christóbal but he’s able to push her off. Feeling humiliated by Christóbal turning down her advances, Catalina goes on live television and makes a number of serious accusations about Christóbal to ruin his reputation. Tania and Jerome argue about his use of steroids, and Catalina gets a threatening message from Christóbal’s friend.

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