Ex-Metro FM programme manager, Segale Aldrin Mogotsi spoke about all his sons in a controversial Facebook post

Gene Wilder, the star of such comedy classics as Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, has died aged 83


TV: Nicci ditches Tim at the altar!

Nicci makes a run for it. (Photo: Suidooster/kykNET)

A beautiful soapie wedding took a stormy turn in kykNET’s popular local soapie, Suidooster.   Read More »


Meet the Idols top 16

2016-08-29 14:45

It was not an easy journey whittling down the numbers to a mere 16 from nearly 80 Golden Ticket holders. Read More »


Could new blood tests prove that Steven Avery is innocent?

2016-08-27 16:00

The attorney for Steven Avery has filed a motion seeking permission to perform extensive scientific tests on evidence she believes will show he's innocent.  Read More »

Trevor Noah compares Trump to Zuma in new interview

2016-08-27 09:51

"When you put the wrong man in the right place he can do the utmost damage,” Noah told Jeremy Maggs during a recent interview.  Read More »


12 new TV series we hope make it to SA

2016-08-29 07:00

The US fall television season will usher in a host of new series. Drama, comedy, crime, romances - there's something for everyone.  Read More »

Internet TV in SA: What you need to know

2016-08-27 08:15

Subscription video-on-demand, also known as internet TV, is shaking up the local television landscape. Read More »


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