EXCLUSIVE: Listen to British singer Ed Sheeran's new album like you've never heard it before!

Mister smarty pants Jimmy Kimmel is making fools of innocent people on the street again in new YouTube video


This week's 6 most WTF moments

WTF!? (Reaction Gifs)

It's been a crazy week filled with everything from super happy news to rather strange things happening on the interwebs.  Read More »


7 things that just shouldn’t happen on a first date

2014-07-22 04:00

We’ve all been through that 'awkward first date’ and lets face it, no one has mastered the art of making it through the night without at least one dumb move.  Read More »


Dave Franco joins Tinder as Djengus Roundstone in hilarious new TV stunt!

2014-07-18 13:28

Conan O’Brien roped in James Franco’s sexy younger brother to help him pull off the ultimate TV stunt.  Read More »


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