Comedian Jamie Kennedy talks to us

2008-01-15 15:37
On adapting his material depending on where he performs

I’ve been pretty lucky so far. Like a lot of people get most of my stuff. It’s pretty universal stuff. Like personal stories – the first time I had sex … sometimes you got to feel the crowd out in the beginning. Get them used to it.

On getting flack from standup comedy purists about starring in movies and doing sketches

No… not really. Most comedians do a lot of different stuff now. That’s old school.

Favourite heckler-buster

One guy in Canada said “Why don’t you make like a Kennedy and die young?” and I said “The difference between me and you is that I came to this show in a limousine, and you came hanging behind 12 huskies.” Because we were in the middle of Manatova Canada, and there’s just nothing out there.

On being a Kennedy – positive or negative?

I guess it always helps. I just don’t want the curse!

And if you murdered a famous blonde movie star, how would you go about it so that you didn’t get caught?

If I murdered? Jeez, oh ah… oh the Kennedys. Oh uh… Jeez. Well I’d definitely have someone else do it, that’s for sure. And throw the body in the ocean. That’s how I usually do it.

On people who want you to make them laugh at parties

Ahhuh. That’ happens. It’s kind of annoying. Cause when a comedian’s not working, they don’t wanna do anything. They just wanna kind of “veg out”. It takes a lot of energy to be funny all the time, so we’re not really that funny when we’re not having a gig.

About the cliché that comedians are all depressives, actually

That isn’t fully true. It’s definitely somewhat true, and when people say that I say that’s kinda true, but that’s why you like them. Because they take their pain and make it funny. But good comedy does come from pain.

On the effect drugs have on comedians while they’re onstage

I haven’t done that. I would never do that. If you need drugs to perform you should never be a comedian.

Least favourite interview question?

Uh… "How did you get started?"

On the truly universal comedy topics

Yeah. I’d say sex.

- Interview by Jean Barker
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