Joost and Amor: The Chronicles

2010-08-26 16:24
Joost and Amor: The Chronicles

14 February 2009
Unhappy Valentine's Day! Rapport breaks the news online that a sex video featuring Joost van der Westhuizen, a stripper and suspicious white powder has been discovered.

16 February 2009
Gossip rag heat magazine recounts the story and prints incriminating photos from the video. At this point, Joost is flat-out denying that it's him in the video.

17 February 2009
Joost tells Beeld that the man in the video has a much bigger penis than him. heat magazine requests the counsel of a tape analysis and of authentication specialists who confirms that the tape is indeed 'authentic'.

Watch the video extracts here and decide for yourself.

22 February 2009
Joost's representative, Mike Bolhuis, claims that other celebrities will also be exposed by means of a video through a bunch of 'conspirators'. Unfortunately, these 'other videos' never came to fruition.

27 February 2009
In an interview with YOU/Huisgenoot magazine, Joost's wife Amor Vittone says she begged him to tell her the truth, and he promised her that he would never do something like this.

15 March 2009
News of another mistress comes to light. It's believed that Joost had a five-year on-and-off relationship with athlete Charmaine Gale. Neither party says anything committal concerning the 'affair'.

21 March 2009
Joost still denies that it is him in the video.

29 March 2009
Beeld publishes the name of the girl in the video – Marilize van Emmenis. The news goes viral.

31 March 2009
Marilize says "I'm no prostitute" and other stuff to heat magazine.

1 April 2009
It's revealed that Marilize's ex-boyfriend, Anthony de Beer, was the brains behind the video made in 2006, but he changed his plans after he was assaulted.

7 April 2009
Amor and Joost present a united front at the KKNK where Amor performed and asked her fans to pray for her and Joost in these tough times.

28 June 2009
Joost is rushed to hospital after a suspected heart attack.

1 November 2009
Joost releases his biography, Joost: The Man In The Mirror, and he embarks on a countrywide sob-story tour to promote the book.
At this point he's confessed to being in the video, but denies any other cheating rumours.

2 November 2009
Supersport fires Joost after reading his biography.

3 November 2009
Charmaine Weavers (formerly Gale) comes forward as the 'anonymous athlete' who made claims of an affair with Joost back in March.

5 November 2009
A 'weary' Joost pours his heart out on the kykNET programme Kwela in his first interview since admitting that it was indeed him in the video.

6 November 2009
David Gemmell, author of The Man In The Mirror, tells News24 how Joost eventually came to tell the truth.

20 May 2010
Rumours that Amor and Joost have finally called it quits surface. It's reported that Amor has kicked Joost out of their home and he is staying with a business associate.

6 August 2010
Joost announces that he has filed for divorce from Amor Vittone.

10 August 2010
Things get tense between the estranged couple. Rumours of an affair between Amor and a mystery man surface.

16 August 2010
Amor tells Rapport that she and her sexy Canadian friend, who's married, only gave the impression that they were in a relationship, but nothing ever happened between them.

Today, the saga continues…

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