Just normal girls?

2008-02-22 10:34
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Another topless Jacuzzi
Champagne on the deck
Little hitch hikers

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When girls attack!
Alushka Vs Joline
Bungee Jumping babes

I remember a time when getting up to mischief meant egging the residence of the grumpy old man that nobody liked, or unscrewing the doorknobs of the staff bathrooms at school, or setting the doctor's doormat on fire. Clearly mischief has taken on an entirely new meaning. This much became apparent when I actually took the time to sit down and watch some of what Nadine, Aluske, Joline, Mischke, Adele, Charmainne, Tarren and Lyzanne got up to on what, at the onset, seemed to be an innocent Matric holiday.

What happened to good, old-fashioned morality and ethical behavior?

Clearly Nadine must have scared them off and sent them running right out the front door while Alushke ran after them shouting "Ek gaan julle vang", because not one of the two were present in Plettenbergbay during December 2007.

I think Matrix has been a wake up call to society. The behavior of these girls has left me thinking… What has inspired this type of ethical flaw? Surely the media and advertising industries have contributed a large portion to this type of mindset. We put up big billboards with semi-naked women to sell cars and cover all our magazines with well built jocks to advertise sunglasses. There has really been a mental shift in the mind of society as to what has become acceptable.

What our children get up to when the parents are not watching came to me as somewhat of a shock. The general consensus, when reading the comments that are made about the video clips of Matrix, is that these girls are trashy, common and need to be taken back to wherever they come from. I think that this is somewhat of a misconception. These girls are normal 18 year old girls that did what teenagers do when their parents are not around, and I'm sure that in their minds-eye what they do is normal. Perhaps they consider themselves to be somewhat rebellious?

The behaviour demonstrated on the show is no different to any other Matric guy/girl's behaviour on matric RAGE, just ask the residents of Plett. They know this.

The show however is very entertaining. I have not laughed so much in a long time. The quality of production is very high and I say this because it is apparent in the short compositions as well as the crisp colour of the shots and it promotes South African Music. So whoever makes it, big up's to you.

In conclusion I would like to say, is it really fair to judge these girls on what they do and say when what they are exposed to everyday tells them it is ok to be this way? Should we not then rather attack the media, advertising and entertainment industries? If this is what you plan on doing… Good luck to you. I really hope that you have the recourses and the authority to manage a task of that magnitude.

- Exasperated Spectator

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