Matrix 2007: "teenage angst at its best"

2008-02-08 10:51
Whoa, this is teenage angst at its best! Being long past the teenage years, I'm having flash backs of life in the abyss between thinking I'd conquer the world and conquering my own demons. Having said that, it was fun, albeit in a less public and "out there" fashion.

This provides a psychology 101 masterclass, taking eight girls on an emotional rollercoaster ride, mix that up with a shot of tequila (or two or ten), healthy hormones, a good dosage of bitchiness, close living quarters, 24 hour camera surveillance, egos, misguided moral dilemas, sensitivities and no water - and wow! You have fabulous entertainment and subject matter for a behavioural master’s degree!

So much for the continual issues and questions around who is and who is not being themselves, you can't be anything else but yourself under these circumstances, certainly my social graces would have made way for a less tolerant approach, maybe I would have escaped to a parked car like Joline, stolen belts like Nadine, terrorised someone in a nightclub like Alushke, pole danced like Adele, done mouth-to-mouth with an ice-cream man like Tarryn, had a meltdown like Charmaine or fought like Mishka and Lyzanne - who knows... But hey, thanks girls for living it up and letting it all hang out for the couch potatoes at home - at least you're not afraid to live - that's one great thing, even though you've bared your souls and more on TV, you've shown that you've got tenacity, you're brave, have opinions of your own and know how to have a good time – it’s a lot more than can be said for the population in general.

Then there's all the hype and talk about this show, maybe that's what happens when people take look in a mirror and see themselves, maybe younger, less confident, less experienced versions of themselves, but they know that they've been there, whether wet or dry - they've worn the t-shirt!

What really gets me though, is the washboard stomachs and the perky boobs, somewhere in between conquering my demons and conquering the world - I lost these two valuable assets!

PS. Whoever created the grainy, seedy, blurred face shots where Joline does her night time parked car stint - big ups to you...that's classic!
PPS. If you're looking for a role model, pick Lyzanne, her tongue-in- cheek approach is by far the most appropriate for real life situations! Ryan, I think that's his name, you've got a gem of a girl in Lyzanne!

- Amused Viewer

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