Matrix: Class of 2007

2008-01-21 13:39
Let's not pretend MK's new reality show (watch it on Wednesday at 8.30pm) is a talent search, or a searching exploration of the state of mind of South Africa's youth, or anything except what it is: an opportunity to look at rather young girls wearing very few clothes. But since every bored young woman and her caring male partner who loves her "for her mind" will be watching it anyway, here's an intro to the eight girls, and what makes them strip half their clothes off on national TV tick.

(Since all the videos are in Afrikaans, even though the language of sex is universal, we've provided handy translations in order to give all South Africans online access to these teen hotties' valuable insights.)

Meet the Matrix Class of 2007

She's a rock chick from Pretoria, and some people think she's a bit kwaai, but really she's a friendly girl, who would like her vibe to speak more loudly than her mouth. Most likely to: Get 'em out for the boys in the band.
- Watch the clip

She's a model from Centurion who says she's "what you see is what you get", but also "complicated". She warns you not to try to understand her. She admits she's had her blonde moments… Most likely to: Be lying about blonde "moments" and actually act really blonde all the time.
- Watch the clip

Charmainne (with two Ns, nogal) is from Stellenbosch and is on the show to meet new people. Which seems kinda weird. If you really want to meet new people and you happen to be a really hot blonde chick, why not just go to a bar? Most likely to: Bring her own friends. Just in case.
- Watch the clip

Joline, Joline, Joline, Jolee-ee-een is not easily influenced by others, and sticks to her guns. So we won't be seeing her taking her top off and vying for the camera's attention then? Most likely to: Surprise us by openly vying for the camera's attention half naked.
- Watch the clip

Not sure what this woman is doing in the show. She seems intelligent, has a boyfriend who she loves and says she sometimes takes things a bit too seriously. Most likely to: Generate planned tabloid publicity for the show through her tragic breakup with her boy.
- Watch the clip

Loves to eat, sleep and party. She's fun-loving. She's from Stellenbosch. Ok, ok, Mischka, we get it. Her best qualities are her "smile and her hair". Most likely to: Get really drunk and take it all off in the jacuzzi while shouting "Woooo! Woooo!"
- Watch the clip

She's English and her Afrikaans is terrible. She's better known as "Nasty-Ass-Naz". Wow, her parents must be so proud, mustn't they? She's another fan of partying eating, and sleeping. She's wild! Or so she says. Most likely to: Speak very little and understand even less.
- Watch the clip

Woooooah… another one with a steady boyfriend. She's also from Stellenbosch and claims that though she's friendly and quiet, dynamite comes in small packages. Most likely to: Have entered beauty pageants in the past.
- Watch the clip

Who's your daddy: More from the show

- The arrival Watch the clip
- Bathtime Watch the clip
- The Cat Fight Watch the clip
- The jacuzzi Watch the clip

Please enjoy!

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