Matrix: I’m for Joline!

2008-03-14 12:59
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Well! Well! Well! 3 episodes later and Joline is still be hauled over the coals for her “misdemeanour” under the guise of the “honesty policy”.

Why is it that the human race feels so affronted when they believe that someone is holding back, not being totally truthful or putting on a mask? Aren’t we all entitled to some secrecy, some privacy, some holding back? Or some mystery even!

But more so, don’t we all have various roles we play? This I think has become the essence of survival – taking on the various roles that are needed to successfully live our lives whilst inwardly knowing who we truly are? Or is it that possibly we inwardly know who we truly are, what we truly want to achieve and then we define the roles that need to be played to achieve these goals?

Either way, baring your soul, laying all your cards on the table, letting it “all hang out” all of the time, is not only tiring and soul destroying, it’s also downright boring and unimaginative! The truth of the matter is that we need to adapt to various situations in order to survive, let alone make something of our lives.

Joline, apparently understands this. Her “Mama Jo” persona, that of responsible, sensible adult has the makings of a successful achiever. However the darker, wilder Joline image has the trappings of someone seductive and sassy. Now that’s a multi-dimensional approach that I’m sure no man would baulk at.

Unlike the other girls on the show, who supposedly are what they are, Joline is who she needs to be, when she needs to be – sure it’s less “upfront”, but it certainly makes for a voyage of discovery and interesting viewing.

I personally would certainly hate for someone to “get me”, know all about me, suss me out on our first encounter, I’d rather like there to be a yarn that unravels at the speed I choose, with whom I choose and when I choose.

So, I’m for Joline – keep those surprises coming girl!

PS. If you watched the show you’ll have noticed that despite Joline being the victim in this confrontation, she emerged as the only one with any form of dignity and sanity in tact. Way to go Joline! You’ve got it all worked out!

PPS. Baring your soul should be an occasional cathartic experience, having an ace up your sleeve, should be a lifetime philosophy.
- Heather Swart
(Channel24 reader)

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