What I did for love – Matrix: Class of 2007

2008-02-15 16:10
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"What I've done for love"

I was highly amused by the Matrix girls' declarations of love as they embarked on their bungee jumping adventure.

"I'm doing this for you, for my family, for my friends, for Ryan (Lyzanne"s squeeze)" they proclaimed before they went free falling off a bridge into a beautiful canyon – if only this would be all they'd have to do for love in their lives!

This made me think: What have I done for love?

I'm blushing as I write, thinking of the things I've done for love - like spending every Saturday morning watching sweaty, pimple-faced, testosterone fuelled teenage boys unsuccessfully chase rugby balls and tackle other sweaty, pimple-faced, testosterone fuelled teenage boys – all the while cheering loyally, with the hope that "my guy" would be the man of the moment. I did this for love.

Then there are the ridiculously tight, terribly high, toe torturing shoes I've worn for love! The starvation diets I've endured for love! The money I’ve spent for love… on things I’ve never wanted, never needed and quite often barely used – all in the name of love.

But times have changed. Being a mother now, my sacrifices for love are far less glamorous and exciting, but none-the-less, hopefully way more noble. My rewards are also few and far between, there’s not much instant gratification. I’ve been labeled as ‘the strictest Mother on earth’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘un-fun’ (yes that’s a phrase in my daughter’s vocabulary!), ‘so not cool’ – these are titles I gladly bear, all under the banner of ‘what I did for love!’

Looking back though, I can also reflect fondly and mostly with much amusement, on the many gestures in the name of love, that have come my way. I’ve been serenaded by the worst singer ever known to mankind, received a 10kg packet of red glace cherries (the best cheer-me-up I’ve ever been recipient of), been given underwear (two sizes too small) in a cover- up attempt to make me feel thin and fabulous. My parents too made remarkable sacrifices, and I’m all the better for it.

So Lyzanne, Tarryn, Alushke, Joline, Nadine, Charmainne, Adele and Mishka - keep on doing things. Not every gesture will be rewarded. In fact very few will. But it’s important to have a history of things we've done for love.

- Amused Viewer

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