5 signs of ratchet behaviour

2014-01-14 12:54
It seems like ratchet makes the entertainment world go around in this modern era.

Just look at Miley Cyrus and how she has adopted the ratchet persona to make it big in the entertainment industry. She did say recently that her behaviour is merely a publicity stunt that’s meant to attract attention to her, and it seems to be working for her. But the fact is that she has become ratchet for fame and fortune.

And what is ratchet you ask?

Well, if you’re ratchet, you’re a diva (mostly from the urban city) that is wild, ditsy, rowdy, irritating and debaucherously boisterous, acting as if you’re devoid of all modern morals.

Signs of ratchetness include rowdily reciting rap lyrics while chewing pink or blue bubblegum as if Lil Wayne is auditioning you for a part in his song, twerking everywhere you go, wearing clothes that are two sizes too small for you with torn fishnet stockings or leggings and having hair (or a weave) reminiscent of a bird’s nest after a rough tempest (hair might be suffering from the consequences of excessive dyeing).

So, by looking at Miley’s public behaviour, there are 5 signs that signify ratchet behaviour. If you can relate to any of the below mentioned signs, please change your ways immediately:

Twerking on anything you can find

It’s bad enough that twerking has taken over the world, but to twerk on tables at a nightclub or uploading your twerking sprees on social networks, or worst, twerking on someone’s partner, is simply ratchet.

And if you do so while wearing multi-patterned or coloured leggings that are begging for mercy because they’re too small for your body, you should be banned from civilization.

Sticking your tongue out in photos

Rather stick to pouting or the duck face because the tongue-sticking-out-of-your-mouth face is extremely ratchet. It makes you look as if you have feasted on something sour and are showing the results of such a feast on your face.

Nude anything

Don’t take nude pics and upload them on social networks. Anatomy is covered as a subject by medical students, not by social media users on the internet.
And don’t sing a slow, break-up song while swinging naked on a pendulum and licking a hammer. That’s not deeply emotional or sexy; it’s ratchet.

Pretending to be someone that you’re not

And please, don’t pretend to be cool and do crazy things to fit in with the cool kids because you’ll rely on ratchetness to do so. You’ll begin twerking, sticking your tongue out everywhere and wearing fewer clothes, and society does not need that.

And all of the above mentioned things are the antics of entertainment’s Miley Cyrus; all of which are completely ratchet.

Don’t follow suit.

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