Steve Gets Roasted - Nah Not Really!

2012-09-25 15:21
Come on people!!

I am not a true liberal.  I am fairly conservative.  I do not like gratuitous sex.

I find the American Comedy Central Roasts a bit hectic for my tastes – well most of them anyway, although I loved the Joan Rivers one.

I still have to cover my eyes if I am watching a movie with too much blood for heaven’s sakes.

However... I HAD to watch last night’s Roasting of Steve Hofmeyer – purely because of all the hyper behind it.  Plus I love Trevor Noah and John Vlismas.

Khuli Roberts has been whining since it was taped about how she suffered, poor woman, it appears she had never watched a roasting before??

The channel kept warning again and AGAIN that THIS roasting wasn’t your run of the mill R16 age restriction. No. It was badder and meaner and more dangerous than it’s American Counterpart.  We South Africans needed an R18 Age Restriction and it needed to be re and re and re-enforced during each ad break, and by each roaster.

Are you kidding???

A couple of weeks ago Channel24 asked the question: Are we ready for this type of thing here?  Here in SA?  Here where we face murder, mayhem and the constant threat of no electricity and E-Tolls on a daily basis???

I couldn’t wait to see! And whilst there were some TRULY cringe worthy moments, there was NOTHING to compare to the Comedy Central American Roasts.  We were tame!

I think that Minki did okay considering that comedy/hosting is not by any means her forte. She actually made Steve blush!!

Anele was very good actually!

People were poked for their weaknesses and Khuli, if the shoe fits honey, you gotta wear it with pride and take the punch with the best of them. You took a lot, but boy I found your roast to be the MOST crude of the bunch!  So it was kinda of fitting really…

John Vlismas as always is brilliant and I for one would never pick a rumble with him. His brain power alone would just kill you – DEAD.  Trevor was awesome and the rest well they were mediocre.

I think we might be ready for this.  And those who aren’t even myself, when it gets too much – hell then quit biatching and turn it off!  No one forces you to watch.

Whoosa, so much better with that off my tiny chest!

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