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Reader review: The Phantom of The Opera

2012-07-08 14:26
An All Round Success for The Phantom of The Opera

After attending the marvelous theater production of The Phantom of The Opera at the Pieter Toerien Theatre as well as reading the historically based book, The Phantom of The Opera by Gaston Leroux I feel quite qualified to share with you my feelings and thoughts of the Movie.

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The mysterious tale tells a moving story of a horribly disfigured man, a genius in his own right and spectacular musical composer, who finds himself so in love with a corps de ballet girl, Christine Da’ae. The young girl has gone on unnoticed for her ability to sing with such passion and heart for her art – the art of music.

However, there is another man, The Viscount Raoul de Changy, chasing after the heart of Mademoiselle Da’ae. Upon discovery of this love The Phantom becomes enraged and increasingly jealous of Christine returning Raoul’s love with her own. This sparks many torments and strange events that take place caused by The Phantom in his anger.

The entire Opera house is forced to endure what The Phantom has in store for them. Christine is abducted by the Phantom and Raoul sets out to recue his beloved. The Story closes to an end when The Phantom forces Christine to choose between the man she is in love with and the Strange angel of the Opera house, her choice either way has fatal consequences.

The singers and performers transform you to a state of ecstasy with emotion filled chords and melodies played through the pipes of the organ. Hearing songs sung in the name of love and the raw anger and passion firmly rooted in strong harmonies and even La Carlotta singing in falsetto is immensely enjoyable.

The acting and direction of the movie almost transforms you to make you think you are actually sitting in The Paris Opera House watching the drama unfold in real life.  Andrew Lloyd Webber must too have been visited by the Angel of Music in order to create this wonderful masterpiece. And the movie directed by Joel Schumacher is an outstanding reproduction of this story.

Gerard Butler portrays the villainous Phantom. Emmy Rossum dazzles us all with her angelic voice, plays Christine and as for the hero, Raoul played by Patrick Wilson combines dashing looks with a beautiful tenor voice.

The only unfortunate thing about the movie is that it is in fact a movie. I find that being in the theater and experiencing the Phantom and his house beside the lake under the Opera house is far more enchanting than sitting in a movie house, filling up on popcorn and cold drink. However, being able to sit in the comfort of my own house and wondering through the passions of young love, comedy, and tragedy is all too impressive to me too.

A story and a masterpiece, a combination of music, acting singing, dancing. All to exciting too miss and all to dear to my own heart. I would encourage everyone old or young; musical lover or not to watch the movie and the stage production of The Phantom of The Opera.

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