Unwarranted speculation on Nonhle's tweets

2011-09-29 11:43
Nonhle Thema is a enigma that has captivated the Twitterverse. Whether you follow her or not, actively seek to read what she has to say or go out of your way to avoid her, you are exposed to her in some or other way. Her tweets have recently landed her in hot water in a form of a lawsuit from Minnie Dlamini's management; an incident that saw her tweets tone down as far as insults to fellow celebrities are concerned.

This is a response to an article written by Thinus Ferreira and published on Channel24's Celebrity Gossip section. Titled Nonhle calls Bassie an 'old has been', the author charges that Nonhle Thema was referring to the widely-respected Basetsana Kumalo, executive producer for SABC3's Top Billing, on tweets posted on the Twitter account @NonhleThema.

Like many thousands, I follow Nonhle on Twitter and saw the said tweets as they were posted, but would not have thought it was addressed to Basetsana Kumalo until I read Ferreira's article. The tweets Thinus used as evidence in his article to prove that Nonhle called Bassie 'an old has been' read: "My mom had haters cos of her beauty. Today I have OLD has beens as haters who only make the papers cos of me," and "Some OLD has been must SIT DOWN. Her time is up."

How Ferreira manages to come to a conclusion that Nonhle was referring to Bassie in these tweets, so much he felt it warranted an article on national platform, baffles me.

Nonhle is hated by many in the industry and beyond; I am certain she hates many too. I don't know what came first between chicken and egg, but Nonhle could have been referring to any of her 'haters' by those tweets.

I acknowledge that the incident, where Bassie is reported to have refused to take pictures with her, could have been the trigger to the tweets, but the tweets and the incident could also be coincidental. There are a lot of reasons that disprove Ferreira's allegation that Nonhle was subtweeting Bassie.

For starters, Bassie doesn't need Nonhle to be on newspapers, as the tweets suggest. Secondly, Bassie is just seven years older than Nonhle; that hardly qualifies her as a has been. Nonhle, in return, is nine years older than Minnie, whom she went off at on Twitter. That fact alone, however, does not make Nonhle a has been either; though I believe she is slowly slipping towards irrelevance. That is besides the point of this writing, though.

My write track is seeking to understand how Thinus Ferreira concluded that Nonhle called Bassie 'an old has been'. The Twitterverse and comments then went on to call Nonhle all sorts of things she must be accustomed to hearing by now. Nonhle mentioned no names; she's unlikely to do so, after the Minnie incident. Still, we cannot prove she meant Bassie by the 'old has been' tweets.

We are hypocrites. Recently, we stayed up praying and hoping Troy Davis' life would be spared as there was no conclusive evidence to execute him, though he may have committed the crime.

There's no conclusive evidence that Nonhle was referring to Bassie in the tweets, though it's possible she was addressing Bassie. If Bassie were to take Nonhle to court for her tweets, it would be a civil lawsuit and I know the burden of evidence is not the same as it was on Troy Davis' case, as that was a criminal case. Bassie wouldn't have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she was the subject of Nonhle's tweets. She would merely have to prove the possibility thereof outweighs the alternative. In return, Nonhle would have to cast doubt to the claim that she was referring to Bassie. I think anyone can prove Bassie is not 'an old has been' that can only make headlines through Nonhle.

What we do know is that Bassie did mention Nonhle's name in the statement Ferriera attributed to Bassie in the article. We also know she refused to take pictures with Nonhle, citing Nonhle's conduct for the snub. I will not argue with anyone that says Nonhle doesn't even deserve to be in the same picture as Bassie, but I fail to justify Bassie's conduct as much as I failed to justify Vivica A Fox's conduct towards our local celebs on her last trip here.

Could people's hatred for Nonhle and their love for Bassie be compromising objectivity?

Due to speculative, sensational and 'tabloidy' articles such as the one written by Thinus Ferreira, our media is riddled with mediocrity.

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In response to an article about Nonhle Thema's never-ending Twitter tirade, Channel24 reader Nyakallo Lephoto has a bone to pick with one of our writers.

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