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Koos Kombuis

And the ship sails on...

2014-03-12 11:56 643 views In a very touching column, Koos Kombuis bids farewell to Channel24.

Channel24 columnist Koos Kombuis shares one of the most unforgettable evenings of his life: meeting well-known performer Herman van Veen.

Channel24 columnist, the legendary Koos Kombuis, turns cartoonist as he draws the news in a new Channel24 exclusive feature!

Koos ponders why family reality TV shows are a really bad idea and says that there will most likely never be a show titled Keeping Up With The Kombuise in SA!

Koos Kombuis begs the question: How do famous people handle bad things? Is it possible for celebrities to win back the adoration of the public after a setback of momentous proportions?

“There’s too much explicit sex on TV these days,” a friend of Koos Kombuis remarked.

In these days of instant tabloid stardom, in these days when the front pages of every glossy magazine continually screams out the one celebrity story after the other, we tend to forget that there aren’t any actual celebrities out there, writes Koos Kombuis.

Koos Kombuis calls on all to honour and celebrate World Press Freedom Day.

The Wake-up Call

Koos Kombuis 29 comments | 4468 views

Koos Kombuis recently had a wake-up call while peering over the Pretorian landscape during the kykNET Fiestas, and realised that bad men are stealing his country right before his eyes.


Channel24 columnist Koos Kombuis reveals what just might be one of the biggest Hollywood scams ever.

It wasn't for his 11-year-old daughter he wouldn't have known about bands like One Direction, but still Koos Kombuis says it will take him a while before he goes as far as to put in a good word for them.

Are we heading back to the dark ages of Prohibition?

Koos Kombuis says he would rather watch Noot vir Noot than Toddlers and Tiaras and that he can't understand why child beauty pageants are still legal in America.

She used to be just another small-time singer on the fringes of the South African music industry. But that all changed, writes Koos Kombuis.

Koos Kombuis asks if the UAE's illogical imprisonment of South African doctor Cyril Karabus, and others, is damaging Dubai's image as a world-class tourist destination.

Koos Kombuis poses the question to humanity: Is there perhaps something fundamentally flawed with our concept of democracy?

The day a small music store in his town closed down, was the day the music died. In an age where the internet has digitised everything, a lot has changed, writes Koos Kombuis.

Koos Kombuis recently got a sneak preview of renowned filmmaker Aryan Kaganof's new documentary, a film that delves into aspects of the widespread farm unrest that has plagued the Western Cape in recent months.

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