The saddest internet article on earth everaaaaa

2013-08-12 15:02
Cape Town - So you've been having a crappy day and you're just like innocently surfing the net for some mindless entertainment.

Maybe you were browsing the cyber-webs looking for some random funny new cat video. Or maybe you even Googled "funny fluffy happy stuff that will make me feel fuzzy inside".

But now you somehow ended up clicking on this article. Boy what a mistake. This article, my friend, is where funny and fluffy comes to die. This might be the saddest internet article ever produced. Yeah, that's right, this article will make you cry. Cry like a baby. A sad crying baby. (Don't continue reading if you don't want to cry. Just stop right here and walk away...)

Let's see how far you can make it through this article before the first sad little tear starts rolling down your cheek. These are the saddest animation scenes we could find. How cold-hearted are you? Let's find out. Challenge accepted? Okay!

First up. The rather well-known tragic Mufasa death scene from inspirational animation The Lion King. The one where little Simba sees how his dad dies. That's right. Dies.

Not crying yet? No problem. Look at this heartbreaking scene from Lady and the Tramp where the tramp spends the night in the pound...crying...crying little dog tears. Woef, woef, sniff, sniff.

You made it through that? You're a little tougher than we thought. Let's take it up a level. Bring on Sulley and Boo from Monsters Inc. It's so sad when Boo opens the cupboard expecting to find Sulley and then... nothing. He's gone. Bon Voyage. Nada. She's all alone. By herself.

What?! You made it through that without a single tear? Not even a little moisture gathering in your eyes? Wow. Okay, let's have a look at Andy in Toy Story 3. Where the young lad, all grown up, does something absolutely amazing. All humans should be as kind as Andy. Brave, wonderful Andy. Do you remember your childhood toys? Where are they today? Abandoned? Forgotten? Alone.

Freak! Why are you still reading? You should be sobbing by now! Have you no heart?!!! Okay. Fine. Here's the Bambi death scene. Can you stand that? Huh? Can you really watch this without crying?

What!!!!! No!!!!!!! You aren't human! Okay. Okay. Fine. Fine. Time for the big guns. The huge finale. The pièce de résistance. It's like Mufasa's death times a thousand. In this scene Littlefoot's mom from The Land Before Time passes away but not before she gets to give her little precious baby one last bit of inspirational advice that he will remember forever more.

(Tears running down cheeks. Tissue stuffed in nose.) We can't anymore. We give up. You win. You truly are more heartless than all of Disney's villains combined. You're so evil you will scare Scar or make Maleficent look like a fairy godmother.

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