Girls Behaving Badly

2009-08-04 16:55

Women have taken a fierce, sexy strut towards freedom for many years, and we're free to celebrate our victories with pink tutus or pink cocktails - whichever does it for you, girlfriend. However, there are some females who just give us ladies a bad name!  In celebration of Women's Day, we're sniffing out the top 10 celebrity bad girls.

10. Tara Reid
This Van Wilder alum is well known for her excessive drinking, but it's her low self-esteem that bothers us more. Tara underwent plastic surgery and now her stomach looks like a creased blanket. At her age she should have hit the gym instead of the operating table. The worst thing is, she still parties like she's 18. Eish.

9. Sienna Miller
Hold on tight to your man.  Sienna Miller has a rather insatiable penchant for married fathers. Her latest conquest is the billionaire "Brothers and Sisters" actor Balthazar Getty, who is still married with four kids. Despite the public's disgusted response to their open displays of affection, the two continue to enjoy their ho-mance.  I guess it takes two to tango, but Sienna's a pretty girl – why can't she find an available man?

8. Chomee
The Kwaito Afro-pop singer is generally quite an OTT personality, but last year when she let a fan suckle her breast on stage, she went from flashy to trashy in one verse. It was so bad that her label boss, "Don't Call Me Kaffir" singer Arthur Mafokate, got his Dickies in a tangle backstage and lambasted her for the 'indecent' incident. Tsk tsk. Not only was this super-skanky behaviour but it was rather unoriginal – remember Janet Jackson's Nipplegate scandal circa 2004?

7. Drew Barrymore
Here's one of the original Hollywood bad girls. Miss Drew sure has cleaned up in the last few years, but she got her partying in early. Little Miss E.T. was smoking at 9, drinking at 11 and snorting cocaine at 13. She also entered rehab at 13 years of age. She was engaged at 16, she's been married twice and has had a steamy public kiss with actress Heather Graham. Seems there's nothing Drew hasn't done. But it's real nice to see a bad girl gone good - for a change.

6. Lindsay Lohan
In a blatant attempt to dethrone Paris Hilton as Hollywood's biggest fame whore, Lindsay Lohan arrived at the 2006 Venice Film Festival sans panties.  As she climbed off the boat, she gave all the paps a lot of lip. There were rumours that it was a fake, but considering Lindsay's general lack of decorum, I'm sure this wasn't the only time she took little Miss V out in the open.

5. Marelize van Emmenis
Miss Joostgate 2009 made the most of an 'unfortunate' situation when she came out as the other woman in a sex video starring Joost van der Westhuizen. Not only did she become a household name overnight, but the stripper also got her first photo spread in FHM magazine. Not very savoury, but a shrewd career move nonetheless. It's not the video that's the real problem, but the infamy (and new boobs) that she's enjoying because of it. Eew.

4. Paris Hilton
Paris's biggest disservice to women is probably her ritualistic murdering of the colour pink. No self-respecting woman can wear this flattering colour anymore without feeling like a Malibu Barbie, thanks to Paris's numerous matching outfits and her colour-coded Bentley. However, that’s not where her crimes end. She started the sex tape trend with Rick Salomon in 2004 and she's made many little girls believe you can be rich, beautiful and famous by not having a discernable talent – unless you count partying, posing and paparazzi whoring as 'talents'.

3. Amy Winehouse
Amy brought the beehive back, and that was probably the last good thing she did for womankind. From carving "I Love Blake" into her skin and puking on designer outfits, to a Kate-inspired video of her doing crack, this really talented musician just threw it all away for drugs and alcohol. That's her biggest crime – not using and appreciating her talent. Now that she's divorced from her jail-bird, hopefully Amy will ditch the drugs and drama.

2. Britney Spears
You're free to do whatever you want with your life, but when you endanger your kids, things are going to get ugly. Britney Spears lost custody of her two young sons when she basically held them ransom after losing the plot in 2008. And if that wasn't enough, later that year she was caught driving with her son in her lap without a seatbelt on! Seems like she didn't collect her copy of Parenting for Dummies

1. Janine Orderson
The District Six poster girl from SA's first Big Brother will always be remembered for one thing only: that cucumber. In the 2001 reality show, Big Brother instructed the housemates to have a talent contest, and Janine, a school teacher from Mitchell's Plain, demonstrated the art of fellatio on a cucumber. The 'talent' caused a huge stir in the media. While she may have thought she was giving a sex ed class, the country saw a crude woman who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children.  FAIL.

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