Interview: Hottie Ryk Neethling

2009-11-23 13:53

It's not just us. Ryk Neethling is officially the country's hottest celeb.

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For the second year in a row, the swimmer has walked away with heat Hot 100 title.  Beating out thousands of local and international celebrities, it seems South Africans just love the homegrown hunk.

We chatted to the accomplished swimmer about South African beauties, Speedos and sit-ups.

S: Congrats on your win! How do you feel?
R: I must say, I'm a bit surprised... at the end of last year I said that this year (2009) is going to be all about business, so I didn't do a lot on the social scene. So I'm quite surprised by it (the win)...

S: Well, I'm not surprised. What do you think it is that makes you so appealing?
R: I think it's important that I'm myself, I'm not trying to be someone else... and then I try to take the success that I've had in the swimming pool and do something significant here with it. I'm very involved in my charities and my Dream Big campaign. Also with my swim schools, I'm trying to give something back. Obviously the people appreciate that.

S: Yes I'm sure they do, but I think they appreciate your abs just as much. So how many sit-ups do you do a day?
R: Ag, this morning I did about 600. That's maybe half of what I used to do.

S: Do you think South Africa has a lot of good-looking people, and what do you think that's attributed to?
R: As far as the girls are concerned, on average... they're probably some of the most beautiful women in the world to me. I'd attribute it to the weather.

S: Speaking of beautiful women, you've worked closely with Minki van der Westhuizen on the Queenspark campaigns. What's your take on the news of her divorce?
R: It's unfortunate. I think it's something that's very private. I've known Minki for a while, and whenever something like that happens, it's very sad... and I hope she gets over it.

S: Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?
R: I don't have a girlfriend at the moment.

S: So what's going to work better for you at the beach: A speedo or boardshorts?
R: (laughs) You won't see me in a speedo at the beach. Definitely boardshorts.

S: You had a cameo in 7de Laan a while ago. What other acting gigs are you hoping to do in the future?
R: I'm not hoping to do any. I definitely know my limits. I don't act, I don't sing, I don't dance. I'll stick to the pool, sports, take some pictures, and that's about it.

S: What's more profitable: swimming or modelling?
R: I don't think either is very profitable. But I'd probably say modelling. It's a lot easier. With swimming you've got to train for years and years, and do all those sit-ups, and then you might get beat.
S: And which do you enjoy more?
R: The swimming definitely. The modelling is something that I'm not comfortable with.

S: Who is the hottest celebrity in South Africa? We want a name.

R: Uh... uhm... uh... I think, especially after the movie coming out soon, I'd say Francois Pienaar.
S: Francois Pienaar is the hottest celebrity in South Africa?
R: No, well, when you say 'hot', I think someone who had a presence... not that I think he's good looking or anything, I just think...
S: So you don't think he's good looking?
R: No... I think [it's about] what he's accomplished. Looks don't mean anything to me, to be honest.

S: How did you celebrate your birthday last week (17 November)?
R: I was working pretty hard that whole day, but I got a lot of cool presents.
S: Which one was your favourite?
R: ... I've got enough biltong and chocolate to last me definitely until the end of the year.

S: Favourite place to travel to?
R: Spain

S: Favourite SA band?
R: Just Jinger. They're good friends of mine. When we were living in the States we spent quite a lot of time together. And it's good to have them back in the country.

S: Where will you be spending your summer holiday this year?
R: For a swimmer, we don't really have summer holidays. But I will be in Cape Town, hosting a swim camp from the 15th to the 19th, and then I'll be in Knysna after Christmas and for New Year's.

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