10 people who look exactly like your favourite celebs

2018-12-20 08:48

Cape Town - No, you’re not seeing double! These people look just like some of the world’s most well-known faces.

Here are our top picks

1. Ariana Grande (25) and Jacky Vasquez (21)

The pop star’s 22-year-old doppelganger has garnered 212 000 followers on Instagram because of her uncanny resemblance to the Thank U, Next singer.  

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2. Ed Sheeran (27) and Ty Jones (23)

The Mancunian caused a riot because of how much he looks like the soulful singer.

In an interview with The Tab in 2015, Ty said, “It started when my friends told me, ‘There’s this guy who’s on the internet. He’s been making a few videos and he looks just like you. It’s weird’.”

“I did some research and realised he does actually look like me. It started from there, really. I went to a lookalike agency four years down the line and thought I’d give it a shot professionally. I do mostly gigs but I usually mime. I can’t really sing like Ed,” he added.

3. Katy Perry (34) and Francesca Brown (35)

Londoner Francesca Brown draws an eerie resemblance to Katy Perry.

In an interview with Elle Magazine in 2015, the Katy lookalike remarked that while she’s a big fan of the songstress, her resemblance to the Swish Swish singer was costing her acting gigs.

“[In my career] I was working quite a lot as an actress. I was going up for auditions, and I kept getting the comparison to Katy Perry. For some reason – I don't know why – it was costing me jobs,” Francesca said.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio (44) and Konrad Annerud (24)

With his floppy blonde hair and thick brown eyebrows, the Swedish model looks very much like Leo when he played Jack in the 1997 romantic classic Titanic. But while he may be a Leonardo DiCaprio doppelganger, Konrad loves Michael Jackson and believes he moves and sings like the musical genius.

5. Megan Fox (32) and Cláudia Alende (25)

The Brazilian model became an Instagram sensation with more than 10 million followers because of her uncanny similarities to Transformers star Megan.

6. Emma Watson (28) and Megan Flockhart (26)

Cosplayer Megan Flockhart says she has a lot in common with Emma Watson and really looks up to the Harry Potter star.

“When I was younger, she inspired me to always take my education seriously and to always be my unapologetic self,” she said.

“Then as I got older, she’s educated me on topics like feminism, sustainable fashion, and so many other issues. I feel like I wouldn’t be as clued up on if it wasn’t for her. I really owe her a massive thank you,” she adds.


7. Lionel Messi (31) and Reza Parastesh (26)

The Iranian student almost landed himself in prison last year for causing a public disturbance, leading to a traffic jam because too many of the Little Maestro’s fans wanted to take pictures with him.

"I'm really happy that seeing me makes them happy, and this happiness gives me a lot of energy."

8. Miley Cyrus (26) and Mardee Shackleford (24)

The young woman looks exactly like the Malibu singer. In a 2015 interview with Daily Mail, Mardee said she needed to be protected by security guards at nightclubs from fans who thought she was the singer.

“Sometimes it feels like I am actually famous or a celebrity. Just on a really small scale. It's been really fun for me,” she said.

9. Taylor Swift (28) and April Gloria (31)

There’ve been many Taylor Swift dopplegangers running around, but this young woman from Kansas really takes the cake. She looks so much like Taylor it makes you wonder whether or not the two were separated at birth.

10. David Beckham (43) and Andy Harmer (39)

The British actor is the world’s top David Beckham look alike. His voice, characteristics and choice of style make the likeness almost uncanny.

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