2 pictures that prove Scott Disick actually loves Kourtney

2014-07-16 21:00

Los Angeles – Over the years we have developed a love/hate relationship with Scott Disick, purely because he presents himself as the egotistic douche, Lord Disick.

We took a walk down memory lane and saw all the selfish pictures he's posted on Instagram.

Like his first world problems: "Lord problems"

Or when he boasts about all his money: "who's hungry"

But then he surprised us all!

Since his "life changed" to fix things with long-time girlfriend and mother to his children, Kourtney Kardashian, he actually does seem to be changing.

These pictures prove it!

Firstly A: When curved words like ‘love’ are involved, Scott is the least likely one to share, but how cute is this?

Secondly B: He took it home with every girl’s dream love story, The Notebook and captioned it: "Only better"

Ryan Gosling approves, carry on.

This story may have no real significance in your lives, but take a moment to appreciate that there lives a Ryan Gosling in every man, even in Scott.

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