4 Hollywood highlights to catch up on

2017-09-12 15:00

Cape Town – From legal drama to social media drama, not a day goes by in Hollywood without some feathers getting ruffled.

Also on the list of Hollywood highlights is Kelly Clarkson with an embarrassing mommy moment and 5 celebs who may have fallen off the radar.

Here are 4 Hollywood highlights you may have missed out on:

Armie Hammer calls out James Woods for hypocritical comments

Armie Hammer called out James Woods on Twitter for making hypocritical comments against adult relationships with minors when commenting on his latest film, Call Me By Your Name.

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Welfare of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s daughter under investigation

According to reports the LA County Department of Children and Family Services have asked a judge in the LA County Dependency Court to determine whether Dream Kardashian is being brought up in a safe environment.

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Kelly Clarkson's Never Have I Ever misunderstanding will make you blush

Kelly Clarkson is probably the most relatable mom ever, especially after she got confused between a vibrator and noisy kids toy during a special moms-edition of Never Have I Ever.

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Where are they now? 5 celebs we just don’t hear about anymore

It’s not easy to become an A-lister in Hollywood – but it’s just as tough to sustain your celebrity status once you’ve reached stardom. So, it’s pretty understandable for some celebs to fall off the radar.

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