6 stars at Coachella you gotta see!

2016-04-18 08:24

Cape Town – Can anybody say Coachella! 

Celebville’s favourite music and arts festival kicked off this weekend and it was an absolute knock out.

Jam packed with the hottest performances, tastiest food and trendiest outfits it’s okay to be feeling some serious FOMO.

So, for those of you that weren’t there for the first weekend of one of the biggest festivals of the year, Channel24 put together 6 of the biggest moments you missed out on.

Here are 6 star studded moments you gotta see:

1. Vanessa Hudgens’ Coachella nails

The queen of Coachella had a $190 manicure done for the festival, which included Swarovski crystals and a hand-drawn pot leaf. Needless to say, the finished look wasn’t as banging as the price tag.

Did someone say Coachella? Nails ? @laquenailbar

A photo posted by Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens) on

2. Taylor Swift’s bleached blonde hair and the truth about chokers 

Tay-Tay did her first Coachella in style. Debuting her bleached blonde hair like she just don’t care, the Out Of Style hitmaker also said what everyone’s been thinking about chokers: "I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?"

I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

3. Kylie Jenner’s hair

Kylie’s hair is like something out of a fairy tale. The 18-year-old started Coachella with peach tints and finished the weekend with mermaid colours. All we want to know is how she makes it look so damn natural and real?! 


A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Is it a wig? Is it extensions? Does she stay up all night bleaching her hair? How does she do it!

4. Kendall Jenner’s nipple ring

If you didn’t know Kendall Jenner has a nipple ring by now, Kylie made it very clear in a Snapchat video. 

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger bonds with Patrick

The Schwarzeneggers made Coachella a family affair as Arnold met up with his son Patrick and daughter Christina when watching Guns 'n Roses perform. 

His bestie, Sylvestor Stallone and his family were also in the crowd.

Nice , Peaceful, quiet family outing at Coachella

A video posted by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on

6. Leo and Rihanna reunite

After having sparked dating rumours back in 2015, Leo and Rihanna got the world talking when they were spotted getting cosy at the Neon Carnival, a star-studded, after-hours party near Coachella.

Hello Leo and RiRi…

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