7de Laan's Kabelo: I'm clean

2011-10-28 13:11
Cape Town – Sekoati Tsubane and his ex-girlfriend Zoleka Mandela have come clean about their drug riddled pasts in an interview with Drum magazine.

7de Laan actor Sekoati Tsubane recently found himself at the centre of controversy that linked him to Cape Town's notorious drug underworld.

In the latest issue of Drum magazine the actor as well as his ex-girlfriend, granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, speak openly about their histories of drug abuse.

Fabricated lies

Sekoati vehemently claims that although he did experiment with hard drugs such as crack when he met Zoleka four years ago, he is now clean and went for a drug test to prove it.

"Those stories were basically a bunch of fabricated lies based on an experimental moment that happened years ago.

"As soon as I saw the article I went to a doctor to do a drug test and I can guarantee the results are going to come back clean because I am clean."

Zoleka admits that she also struggled with drug abuse, but that she sought help with the support of her family.

Sekoati and Zoleka's stories do not match up however, as she claims that drugs were behind their split.

Read the full story in the new issue of Drum magazine.


  • nhamo.dzenyika - 2011-10-28 14:12

    if you are clean guys, then take down that picture; you look like you have relapsed on that image

  • Silvana - 2011-10-29 05:05

    One now has to wonder why their baby didn't survive?

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