Amanda Bynes: I look pudgy

2013-03-27 21:40
Los Angeles - Amanda Bynes thinks she is "looking pudgy".

The 26-year-old troubled starlet - who recently refused to move back to Los Angeles from New York so her family can keep an eye on her - has sparked further concern after suggesting she is unhappy with her current weight.

The super slim Easy A actress posted a picture of herself in a tight top and skirt on Twitter on Tuesday morning, with the caption: "Looking pudgy and I broke my nail."

Last month Amanda revealed her plans to lose 10kg and drop down to 45kg, by pounding the streets of New York.

Constant workouts

The actress - who was recently forced to move out of her New York apartment, after being threatened with eviction - previously said: "I moved to New York City and I love it! I lost 4 lbs. since I moved. I'm 121 lbs. - my goal is 100 lbs. I gain weight quickly so I need to work out constantly."

Amanda has had a series of legal troubles in the past few months and in December settled two hit-and-run cases after reaching a civil compromise with her victims, saving herself from a potential 12 months in jail.

Along with her legal troubles, Amanda, 26, was involved in two bizarre episodes in September 2012, locking herself in a store changing room for nearly two hours and refusing to come out and stripping off during a gym class.

Friends close to Amanda say her parents don't know what to do, as she has cut contact with everyone.


  • Chaze Damonze - 2013-03-27 23:29

    Amanda... What are you doing... Amanda... Stahp...:(

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