Amy's ex 'relieved' that trial is over

2012-12-14 18:03
London - Reg Traviss is "relieved" his rape trial ordeal is over.

The 35-year-old director - who was dating Amy Winehouse around the time of her death, was cleared on two counts of rape  after a jury at London's Southwark Crown Court acquitted him of attacking a 27-year-old friend in the early hours of New Year's Eve 2011 at his apartment in London.

Reg has admitted he is astonished the case even went to trial.

"I am relieved it's all over. I never did it. The last nine months has been crazy," he said. "It feels like anyone can make a complaint and have their day in court."

'Utterly flabbergasted'

Reg feels "numb and betrayed" by the actions of his accuser and can't understand why she wasn't thoroughly investigated when she made her damaging allegations.

Speaking outside court, he added: "The person that made that complaint wasn't investigated, she wasn't looked into. I don't think it should have gone past the police investigation.

"I have no idea why she did it but she did. I feel numb and betrayed."

When giving evidence Reg insisted he and the woman had consensual sex after a night out drinking together and admitted he was "completely and utterly flabbergasted" by her claims of serious sexual assault.

Kissed her goodbye

The woman had alleged she did not consent to sex and had woken twice to find Traviss raping her.

She had claimed she had been so drunk after going to three bars with him she was unable to walk, but jurors were shown CCTV footage during the four-day trial that showed the woman walking unaided to the toilet shortly before she left a West End bar where the pair had been drinking.

Reg also told jurors she had instigated sex and the court heard the day after he walked her to a train station and kissed her goodbye.