Beastie Boys hit with lawsuit

2012-05-09 18:12
Los Angeles - The Beastie Boys have been hit with a lawsuit just days after the death of band member Adam Yauch.

Music label Tuf America has reportedly submitted a lawsuit against the hip hop group alleging the band illegally sampled Trouble Funk's Say What and Drop The Bomb on four of their early tunes.

These include New Style and Hold It, Now Hit It tracks from their 1986 debut album Licensed to ILL  as well as Car Thief  and Shadrach from their 1989 follow up record Paul's Boutique.
According to, the lawsuit was submitted in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on 3 May, one day before Adam - also known as MCA - died at the age of 47 after battling cancer in his parotid gland and a lymph node since 2009.

Tuf America claims to have completed a sound analysis of the four tracks before filing the lawsuit, which also names Beastie Boys' label Capitol Records as a defendant, and the company is now seeking a trial to determine the amount of damages.

Paid tribute

A number of stars have paid tribute to Adam - who founded the group with Kate Schellenbach, John Berry, and Michael Diamond (Mike D) in 1979 with Berry leaving in 1983 to be replaced by Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz - in recent days including Ad-Rock, Mike and music legends Madonna, Jay-Z, Eminem and Coldplay.

Mike wrote on the group's Facebook page: "I know, we should have tweeted and instagrammed (blogged) every sad, happy and inspired thought, smile or tear by now. But honestly the last few days have just been a blur of deep emotions for our closest friend, band mate and really brother. I miss Adam so much.

"He really served as a great example for myself and so many of what determination, faith, focus, and humility coupled with a sense of humour can accomplish. The world is in need of many more like him. We love you Adam."