Justin Bieber fan: I have evidence

2011-11-03 10:15
Los Angeles - Lawyers for Mariah Yeater, Lance Rogers and Matthew Pare, have claimed that "there is credible evidence that Justin Bieber is in fact the father of her baby".

However, Bieber's camp has hit back, saying that the allegation that Justin Bieber fathered a baby by a woman who has filed a paternity suit is "demonstrably false", a spokesperson for the singer said on Wednesday.

Melissa Victor said in a statement that Bieber's camp will "vigorously pursue all available legal remedies" in response to the allegation.

"While we haven't yet seen the lawsuit, it's sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims," Victor said.

Online court records show Mariah Yeater filed a paternity lawsuit against Bieber, 17, on Monday in San Diego Superior Court. California law keeps paternity matters confidential but Radar Online posted a copy of the lawsuit on its site.

Yeater, 20, said she had sex with Bieber after one of his concerts at the Staples Centre in October 2010, according to the posted suit. She said she gave birth to a boy in July and believes the teen heartthrob is the father because there were no other possible men she had sex with at that time.

She is asking a judge for child support and a paternity test.

Bieber hasn't denied it

Yeater's attorneys said in a statement provided to The Associated Press that their client isn't seeking a large amount of money from Bieber.

Yeater "is pursuing a modest and rightful claim".

The attorneys also note that Bieber hasn't denied he had unprotected sex with Yeater following the concert.

"We call upon Justin Bieber and his attorneys to reach out to resolve this issue in a reasonable manner," they said.

Bieber, who was 16 at the time of the alleged incident, tweeted on Wednesday that he was going to ignore the rumours and he should be judged on his music.


  • Felix - 2011-11-03 10:28

    There is no way this little girl is a father.

      Zelda - 2011-11-03 16:04


      lldutoit - 2011-11-04 05:04

      Please....don't let us judge him on his music either!

      Helen - 2011-11-04 08:16

      I don't like Biebers music either,but give the kid a chance,this woman should be the one who should be condemned for having sexual relations with a minor. give the kid a break,his music is not of the best but seems to me like this woman went out of her way to ensnare him(she has evidence )

      Sinjoku - 2011-11-04 09:29

      lol ok Judge you on your music..... IT SUCKS, most annoying cr@p i have heard since backstreet boys and Nsync.....There you are judged.

      Helen - 2011-11-04 16:35

      Why would u make an assumption like that unless you tried to woe him eh.His music if you can call it that leaves much to be desired,but whats happened to innocent till proven guilty.Anyway at his age he probably couldn't collect enough of the stuff to impregnatr a mouse.

  • Deirdre - 2011-11-03 10:30

    If there's nothing to hide then he should have a test done ... where's there's smoke, there's fire!

      braams - 2011-11-04 01:51

      Or in this case, where there's smoke, there are mirrors...

  • Shawn - 2011-11-03 10:47

    Shame, poor baby . . . having to grow up knowing your dad's a girl!

  • adrian.berghoff - 2011-11-03 10:58

    "Bieber, who was 16 at the time of the alleged incident, tweeted on Wednesday that he was going to ignore the rumours and he should be judged on his music." Well, in that case.... what a stupid thing to say. Your music is rubbish and so are you.

  • Sunett - 2011-11-03 11:22

    Omw... my daughter is gonna be crushed! Lol!!

  • Shalin - 2011-11-03 11:22

    Lesbians can be fathers?

  • tklumper - 2011-11-03 12:35

    Unprotected sex? In this day and age? What a lovely message to send to your rent-a-crowd, bieber-baby. Judge him on his singing? Is that what he calls it?

      Boitumelo - 2011-11-04 09:37

      @tklumper. couldn't agree more. this boy's music is crap. i change the stations anytime any of his songs plays ughhhh.

  • sarahleahdowns - 2011-11-03 13:28

    Uhm, if she had sex with him in oct 2010, he was only like 16, and she was 19 - she should have known better, and is lucky she is only a few months out from a statutory rape charge! Men should always be responsible when they sleep with women (if he did) but how can you sleep with a boy and expect him to be a father.

      sunettem - 2011-11-03 17:21

      actually, if this happened in Los Angeles, which it sounds like, then it is statutory rape since the age of consent in California is 18.

      Alan - 2011-11-03 17:34

      16 is the consential age limit in South Africa. However in the US I think it's 18.

  • Bryan - 2011-11-03 13:54

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..... Hilarious!!!!

  • John - 2011-11-03 14:12

    Why didn't they neuter him before he could cause havoc. This little idiot shouldn't be allowed to breed ...... who needs another hair flipping, one word song (Babe) wonder on the planet. Eish!!

  • Kevin.snake - 2011-11-03 16:09

    only time will tell

  • Silvana - 2011-11-03 20:38

    Why am I even reading this?

  • Enockay - 2011-11-03 21:44

    but He's just a lil GIRL...

  • Alva - 2011-11-03 22:19

    Kim has left Kris for Justin. :-P

      Blackpoison - 2011-11-04 06:31

      Well it's America, anything is possible.

  • Preshen - 2011-11-04 07:48

    he was like baby,baby baby noo

  • Grant - 2011-11-04 08:02

    after all this time i thought he was GAY!!!!!!! or is he??

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