Blake Lively nude pics leaked

2011-06-01 13:04
Cape Town – Pictures of a woman strongly resembling Blake Lively, taking nude cellphone shots of herself, has leaked online, reports

US gossip site Yeeah leaked the pictures of Lively taking naked snaps of herself in front of a mirror on Wednesday. The pictures have spread quickly among major gossip websites.

"Blake Lively won't be happy about this," said celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, noting that the 23-year-old starlet has just reportedly started dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rival site Zap2It, noting the early-generation iPhone and different shaped nose, suggested the pictures were several years old.

In a statement to Celebuzz Lively's representative said "the photos which have just surfaced on various websites including Perez Hilton and are 100% FAKE".

"Blake has never taken nude photos of herself. Blake will pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and any other outlets that republish them in any manner."

Lively rose to fame in the teen television soap Gossip Girl, and had a sex scene in the 2010 crime thriller The Town. Earlier this year she signed on as the new face of French fashion house Chanel's Mademoiselle handbag ad campaign.
To see the pictures, click here. (Warning: Nudity, NSFW)


  • jowza - 2011-06-01 13:45

    mmm.not bad

  • derkus - 2011-06-01 13:57

    who gives a shit

      davethechurch - 2011-06-02 09:10


  • td89 - 2011-06-02 06:21

    damn, I thought Blake was a guy! Shaun

  • Soldier149 - 2011-06-02 09:38

    who`s Blake Lively?

  • MarkJM - 2011-06-02 10:36

    Nice a$$! Nice Rack! Who cares if its not Blake! boobies!!!!

  • BlackPoison - 2011-06-02 12:46

    Stunning boobs......yummy!

  • Uno_Beche - 2011-06-02 17:39

    Blake Lively must strip in public so people can compare the pictures and the real thing.

  • preshengovender69 - 2011-06-03 11:12

    with boobs like that she must be proud of it

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