Bobbi Kristina Brown in car accident

2012-09-26 13:14
Los Angeles - Bobbi Kristina Brown was involved in a car accident on Sunday, reports TMZ.

The 19-year-old actress - who's the daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston - was a passenger in boyfriend Nick Gordon's black 2012 Camaro when it was severely damaged in Georgia at the weekend.

It is still not clear how the accident happened.

According to TMZ, the couple had been arguing at the time of the crash which destroyed the entire front end of the vehicle.

Nick's Camaro was the only car involved. No one was injured.

Police visit after noise complaint

After the accident, the car was left without a front bumper and right front tyre and the airbags were deployed, but the car had somehow been returned to the couple's apartment.

Police visited the house soon after the accident following a noise complaint, but no one answered the door.

An incident report shows officers saw the vehicle parked outside the property with its hazard lights on, and it appeared to have been driven in a "damaged state".

The accident is currently under investigation.


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