Brad Pitt: No wedding before gay marriage

2012-05-23 23:09
Cannes - Brad Pitt says being engaged to Angelina Jolie "makes sense".

The Killing Them Softly star proposed to his girlfriend - with whom he raises six children - earlier this year but insists they have not yet set a wedding date as they are hoping to stand by their previous pledge not to tie the knot until gay marriage is legal.

He said: "We actually, really and truly, have no date.

"It's just something that makes sense to us, and certainly date-wise, it's just a rumour. We're still hoping that we can figure out marriage equality in the States before that date."

'Kids' lives is not normal'

Brad - who met Angelina on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005 while still married to Jennifer Aniston - also revealed the couple are keen to work together again.

Asked if they would consider making a film together again during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, he said: "Yeah, we'd love to."

Brad is said to have proposed to Angelina following encouragement from their eldest son Maddox, 10, arguing it would bring some normality to their family life.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Maddox wanted them to have a wedding. He was the most vocal in pushing for it.

"Brad pleaded and said that everything else in the kids' lives is not normal. He added that they travel constantly, they are always in different houses and different schools. They needed to give the kids one thing in their life that is normal, and they are asking for this. He said they should do it for them."


  • Dakey - 2012-05-24 00:10

    6 kids, wife admits to being bisexual, but won't marry before gay marriage legal, even though their 10 year old child begs them for a normal life? As long as you get your priorities straight.

      CoronaSherona - 2012-05-24 02:16

      You hit the nail on the head Dakeyras - twisted and warped people with more money than morals and brains.

  • joel.masola - 2012-05-24 07:12

    I guess u r not christians, cause if u where u wouldnt support such crap nxa

      joel.masola - 2012-05-24 09:27

      @divan s u can c that they want gay marrige to b legal before they can tie the knot ,to ur question the bible forbids this nonsense so no christian should support so crap.

      joel.masola - 2012-05-24 09:28

      @divan s u can c that they want gay marrige to b legal before they can tie the knot ,to ur question the bible forbids this nonsense so no christian should support so crap.

      joel.masola - 2012-05-24 09:28

      @divan s u can c that they want gay marrige to b legal before they can tie the knot ,to ur question the bible forbids this nonsense so no christian should support so crap.

      Russell - 2012-05-25 13:46

      No Joel, real Christians would be supportive, encouraging, understanding etc... etc... etc. The bible forbids?.... then take your bible, fold it....against the seam if you're man enough... and shove it where the sun don't shine. nxa.

  • TheRealWitblitz - 2012-05-24 07:15

    Angelina is a dude?!!?

  • Deon - 2012-05-24 08:07

    What's wrong with all you people??? This is a happy story about two people who take very good care of their children, taking them along no matter where they work instead of simply leaving them with nannies, which they certainly could afford. All they're doing is taking a stand and using their influence to get something done. All you guys can do is spew bitterness for god only knows what reason. Maybe it's because the've got what most of us will never have - money AND happiness. If you really don't want any distraction in your lives, then don't read the entertainment pages and stick to the actual news where you can read about children getting raped and murdered. Uplifting, hey?

      Dakey - 2012-05-24 12:25

      Deon, Jolie is a bit of a mental case. Daddy issues galore, already married twice. Pitt has also been married. NOW they've suddenly developed a conscience to support gay marriage by abstaining until it is legalised? Not sure what their vows were in their first marriage(s), but clearly marriage is not high on their priority. Hollywood marriage is a farce, period. Whether 'open' (Will/Jada Smith or Ashton/Demi Kutcher) or just for publicity (Kardashians). If I were gay, the last couple I would want to stand up for 'marriage' are Hollywood actors.

      Russell - 2012-05-25 13:33

      Well said Deon. Notice the so called "Christians" jumping on the bandwagon? The favorite response of the "Godly"?....hell and damnation to all who don't conform.

      Russell - 2012-05-25 13:36

      Know her personally do you Dakeyras?...or are you judging solely on the fact that she has been married before? If you were gay?... you'd be blowing the Dallas Cowboys for free. Bitch

  • Preshen - 2012-05-24 08:41

    They should wait for e-toll to be approved before they get married

  • Philip - 2012-05-24 11:01

    Lets hope you never get married in that case........

      Brownie Mchinjo - 2012-05-24 18:03

      Koma pple where's is this world goin?

  • ruan.nel.7 - 2012-05-24 11:52

    joel.masola Your one of those people who give christians a bad name. Yes the bible says being gay is wrong. It also says your body is a given temple that needs to be respected, eating unhealthy is bad for your temple. Scarifing your temple is. Oh no the entire human race dies. (from your spelling I thinks its appropriate to let you know im being sarcastic there) Oh and I Guess your not a christian since I believe Jesus said this ( You know him? Clever guy) "Those who have no sins may throw the first stone" So I bet you don't have any sins. People should really start living like you then. Stop judging and take a looong hard look in the mirror. Oh and remember that to whoever it may be you are pointing at that the other 3 fingers are pointing back at you. Sincerely, Society.

  • Russell - 2012-05-25 13:30

    So glad to see openminded, non judgemental comments for a change, very refreshing.

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