Charlize Theron signs bra fillers

2011-12-05 22:31

Los Angeles - Charlize Theron autographed a pair of her silicone breast fillers to help a pair of struggling actresses.

The Oscar-winning beauty saw the young girls holding a garage sale outside their West Hollywood home in a bid to make some much-needed cash and when they told her they were aspiring actresses, Charlize decided to help.

So she pulled a pair of silicone breast enhancers out of her bra, signed them and told them to sell them as she knew they would make some decent money.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: "The girls told them showbiz wasn't paying the bills and Charlize said, 'Well, I feel sorry for you girls. I know what it feels like, but don't give up. Be true to your passion, work hard and a break will come. But wait, I have an idea.'

"She then discreetly slipped her 'chicken fillets' out of her bra, handed them to the girls and said, 'Here, you can sell these and tell everyone they're mine. In fact, give me a pen.' and she autographed the pair for the excited girls."

Within minutes, guys were swarming around the sale in a bid to get hold of Charlize's "boobs" and the girls ended up selling them for just under $1 000.


  • Preshen - 2011-12-06 10:17

    if the cup fits wear it

  • Maai - 2011-12-06 11:33

    I have a vagina filler if she needs one...

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