Chris Brown fears that Rihanna will cheat

2013-04-05 22:11
Los Angeles - Chris Brown worries that Rihanna will cheat on him, while she's on tour.

The Don't Wake Me Up singer - who is still on probation for beating her up in 2009 - says he tries not to be a jealous boyfriend but admitted being separated while she is away touring can be tough.

In a radio interview Chris said: "I'm just a regular guy so I be thinking, man I hope nobody's hitting that. But you can't be the jealous boyfriend, I can't be calling her constantly asking what she's doing so I just gotta put that trust out there and hope nothing happens."

While Chris hates the idea of Rihanna being with another man, he admitted he wouldn't be jealous if she cheated on him with another girl.

Chris' mistake will haunt him

"If it was another girl it would be cool, I ain't with that if it was another guy," Chris said.

While Chris, 23 and 25-year-old Rihanna have put their troubles behind them, Chris revealed it is frustrating that other people keep reminding him about his mistake.

"I gotta take that on the chin, I can't expect people to forget but at the end of the day I'm rich and I'm happy," the star told Power Radio 105.1's Breakfast Club.


  • Jurgen Eksteen - 2013-04-05 22:41

    I guess he'll have to bring her "back-hand" in-line again. :)_E

  • Tumelo Lad - 2013-04-05 23:19

    Drake is defo hittin that trust me

  • Sue Heymans - 2013-04-06 10:51

    So typical of the weak man who beats his wife/partner.

  • Thulane Mthethwa - 2013-04-06 11:20

    Fear not Chris dat lady lvs u.

      Timothy Smee - 2013-04-06 15:21

      Rihannia ignored every one advice to be with that evil Chris Brown why would she cheat? They deserve each other I don't think I can handle this girl kissing other girls and placing a gun to her head definitely not for me

      Lungile Tommy Ka Lwandle - 2013-04-07 19:50

      @Mr Smee, U aint even in her league, damn she don't even know U so shut the hell up...You don't know how its like to have people hovering U day and night, they're human let them make mistakes and learn from them, Dzamn..

  • Warren May - 2013-04-07 00:54

    Chris is so talented,so young,so rich but so many fans but so many,issues,at 23 you still a boy.

  • Percy Ndebele - 2013-04-07 13:27

    That is every man concern.

  • Edgar Mooi - 2013-04-07 13:31

    Love and being rich is different issues , if u love her and she cheat honestly u will de pain of love,,,,, thats why we say money can't buy love...jealous brings much pain and u can end up fight for no reason.

  • Mdu 'Sizwe' Khumalo - 2013-04-07 14:14

    He doesn't trust himself too

  • Wende Tutubalang Wa Mamusa - 2013-04-07 21:24

    Fear not chief for if she cheat you will have to get another girlfriend of choice

  • tina.leal.353 - 2013-04-08 09:15

    if she does...lets hope hes better than you. Although does any decent man deserve Riri??

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