Christina Hendricks injured in fall

2013-03-15 17:09
Los Angeles - Christina Hendricks injured herself by falling down the stairs.

The Mad Men star was wearing a onesie when she tripped and fell, leaving her bruised and embarrassed.

She said: "I was walking down the stairs in pyjamas and I slipped. I bounced down and had bruises from my bum down to my ankle. It was really painful and unattractive."

While Christina favours comfort when she's at home, she admitted to recently splashing out on an extravagant Alexander McQueen cape.

Shocking red hair

She said: "I treated myself to an Alexander McQueen cape recently. I went into the shop intending to court a pair of pants but I walked out with something way more extravagant. I wear it pretty much every day."

The 37-year-old actress is famous for her shocking red hair and large bust but when she began her career she was advised not to dye her naturally blonde locks.

She revealed: "When I first started modelling I was blonde. Then I got a job and they wanted to do my hair bright red. I'd always wanted to, but the head of my agency was like, 'You look terrible, it's so ugly, you cannot have red hair.'

"I came back as a readhead and couldn't get my hair back to blonde for two days - in the meantime I had to audition. I booked two or three jobs, because were a lot fewer redheads than blondes, and I was like, this is working for me, I'm keeping this!"


  • Tony - 2013-03-15 18:42

    Well if she fell on her face she would bounce back!

  • Timothy Smee - 2013-03-17 14:10

    The advantage to being big breasted is she didn't really feel any pain on her bum and her ankle Christina Hendricks just has bruises I'am very upset she got injured here I'am sorry for her I will be praying for her recovery I love this woman in 2006 a young woman in Austria was shot and thanks to her silicone big breasts she survived Luckily her silicones were raptured and she had to take it out and replaced it with newer silicones big boobs I felt sorry for her 29 year old Heidi Schmidtz had to forked out another €500,000 000 for another breast argumentation surgery she works very hard for the operation She is a waittress one of my best friends

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