Dave Franco supports brother's naked selfies

2014-06-14 22:54

Los Angeles - Dave Franco thinks it's "refreshing" his brother James posts naked photographs of himself online.

The Bad Neighbours star doesn't have a problem with his older sibling, 36, sharing revealing snaps - including one of him topless with his hands down his pants - on Instragram because he admires his confidence and carefree attitude.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Dave, 29, said: "I know better than to tell him what to do with regard to anything at this point. What a lot of people think is crazy is also what I admire about him: He does what he wants, and he's not afraid of how people are going to perceive him.

"Someone in his position who will put himself out on a limb like that, I think it's refreshing. So I'm not the one to tell him to stop posting naked pictures of himself on Instagram - not that I'm necessarily rushing to check these pictures out - but he can do what he wants."

Despite his admiration for James, the hunky actor insists he won't be joining him on the photo-sharing site any time soon because he prefers to keep his life private.

He explained: "It [social networking] all overwhelms me a little bit. I'd feel the pressure to constantly be posting something funny or interesting. But I don't know. I've stayed away this long... On top of everything, I do value whatever anonymity I have left and I like to have a private life and keep things as private as possible."


  • Dan Mahla - 2014-06-15 07:30

    Come on News24! Is this news?

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