Demi Moore battling anorexia - reports

2012-01-26 13:35

Los Angeles - Demi Moore is reportedly being treated for anorexia.

The 49-year-old actress - who filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher, her husband of six years, in November, after he was accused of cheating on her - was rushed to hospital on Monday and is said to be seeking professional help for the eating disorder after her weight plummeted in recent weeks.

An insider told "She collapsed after having an epileptic seizure. Demi is in getting treated for anorexia, as well as other issues that caused her seizure.

"She has not taken care of her health at all lately and has lost a lot of weight."

'Not worthy of being loved'

After being taken to hospital earlier in the week, a representative for the Ghost star claimed she was being treated for "exhaustion" and looking to improve her "overall health".

A spokesperson for Demi said: "Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.

"She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends."

Demi recently admitted in the wake of her relationship with Ashton coming to an end, she has become scared she is "not worthy of being loved".

She said: "What scares me is that I'm going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that I'm really not lovable, that I'm not worthy of being loved.

"That there's something fundamentally wrong with me and that I wasn't wanted here in the first place."


  • rbczovczov - 2012-01-26 14:46

    I have heard of countless teenage girls suffering from anorexia but never a grandmother.

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-01-26 15:36

    Exhausted from what? She doesn't do anything?

  • Se-a Spencer Ikeremm - 2012-01-27 08:48

    Not worthy of being loved? Sigh, poor woman. This sentiment explains her health problems- who'd wanna keep on living if you have thoughts like those? Demi just needs herself a black man in the mean time- she'll feel worthy again! Nothing serious of course, just a lil 2-3month fling to revitalize her spirit ;)

      beryl.knipe - 2012-01-29 04:33

      Someone like Seal?? Pfftt! Yawn! Yuck!

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